Three minutes to understand Channels: a cross-chain pledge lending platform integrating smart machine gun pool


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Activating those non-Ethereum ecological assets that were “forgotten” by DeFi in the first half may have become a problem that DeFi must think about to capture a broader market.

Written by: Alice Qu

DeFi’s liquidity mining boom swept the world in the second half of 2020, and the all-round advantages of developers, users and funds brought by the accumulation of the Ethereum network in the application layer for several years have made DeFi almost become the first half. A carnival exclusive to the Ethereum network. With the rapid development of the market, the high cost and low efficiency of the Ethereum network have become more prominent, and market participants have also ushered in more thinking. How to activate those non-Ethereum ecological assets that were “forgotten” by DeFi in the first half may have become a question that DeFi must think about to capture a broader market, and this is also an obvious incremental pool.

Although the concept of cross-chain has been born for a long time, before the DeFi boom, the market actually did not find the real demand for cross-chain. Although different public chains are isolated islands, due to the lack of applications, the value of communication and bridges is not Not obvious, and DeFi changed the market. Due to the emergence of a large number of valuable DeFi applications on the Ethereum network, cross-chain market demand has risen sharply. But the more practical question is, how can cross-chain bring benefits to market participants?

Channels that support a wider range of assets to participate in liquidity mining

Channels is a pledge lending platform with a smart machine gun pool (SmartVault2.0). Channels is based on Compound’s upgraded lending agreement, which aims to open up cross-chain ERC-20 tokens and stablecoins and mainstream production materials generated by the head exchange, and support a wider range of assets to invest in existing liquid mining projects and obtain revenue. The income generated by Can-Compound will use CAN-Harvest to optimize the return on assets. CAN-Harvest is an intelligent investment advisor that introduces optimized Harvest-like aggregate machine gun pools and smart mining.

Take Huobi Heco’s H-class assets as an example. Channels will support H-class and mainstream stablecoins, Ethereum and high-quality asset pledge lending including UNI. In addition to the interest connection of traditional financial logic, the lender and lender will also receive a platform currency “CAN” reward from the Channels platform (borrowing is mining).

In the future, many top exchanges will generate ERC-20 mapped coins inside the exchanges, and there will be a large number of cross-exchange ERC-20 token interaction needs. This is the most direct application scenario of Channels. The ERC-20 tokens generated by the main chain assets on different exchanges will have different rates of return in the small free ecosystem. Channels can also act as a bridge between asset groups across exchanges.

Advantages of Channels

The current situation of exchanges casting cross-chain assets to become the “central bank of the currency circle” has created a rare opportunity. Once the new mapped assets are formed, there will be immediate income demand. Can-Compound can guide these assets to complete the pledge as quickly as possible, and efficiently help users participate in mining and obtain revenue.

In addition, asset pledge lending naturally generates precipitation and asset management needs. CAN-Harvest will return most of the production income to users who provide capital, and part of the farming income will be distributed to those users who pledge CAN in the profit sharing pool. After the project has formed a continuous and healthy cash flow, it will start the platform currency reversal. purchase.

When Can-Compound and CAN-Harvest go online at the same time, users will be able to dynamically optimize the allocation of assets between Can-Compound and CAN-Harvest in real-time through the Robo-Advisor, so as to achieve a “fool-like” sustained maximum return.

Channels’ token economic model

The total amount of CAN tokens is 10,000,000, all of which will be allocated to mining and platform users, investors, and team members, and will be fully allocated in 3 years. The specific distribution ratio is:

  1. 35% is reserved for CAN-Compound users (3 year allocation):
    • Every day, 2,880 CANs are allocated equally to borrowing and lending users (half each for borrowing and lending)
    • 316 CANs allocated to CAN lock holders every day
  2. 35% is reserved for CAN-Harvest users (3 year allocation):
    • Week 1: 45,000 CAN
    • Week 2: 35,000 CAN
    • Week 3: 28,000 CAN
    • 23,000 CAN in the fourth week
    • Next week: 21,596 CAN
  3. 30% is reserved for investors and team members, of which:
    • 15% team and operations
    • 15% of investors and community leaders subscribe

Three minutes to understand Channels: a cross-chain pledge lending platform integrating smart machine gun pool

Channels team

Channels team members all come from industry-leading institutions and internationally renowned universities. They have rich experience in blockchain, finance, and computer industries, and their products are widely recognized in the international market.

The 13-person technical team is led by Mr. Mingyang Shen, a former Xiaomi robot AI vision algorithm engineer. It has experience in the development of intelligent vision algorithms, blockchain, and front-end and back-end multi-dimensional technology. More than 2 years of smart contract development experience for ETH, EOS, TRON. 6 years of continuous entrepreneurial experience, and a blockchain company with stable income. The investor is Mr. Song Ying, the founding partner of the currency exchange.


The target assets locked by CAN-Compound of Channels far exceed Compound’s existing asset pool. The forward-looking cross-exchange asset transfer demand is quite imaginative and can provide participants with excess value based on the borrowing logic. Once these assets settle down, CAN-Harvest is a substantial upgrade and optimization of the existing machine gun pool. On this basis, Channels not only maximizes the external income of assets through CAN-Harvest, but also provides dynamic optimization of internal asset allocation.

It is foreseeable that CAN-Compound may have a strong impact on the existing head products of the lending track, and CAN-Harvest may promote cryptocurrency (smart) asset management into the 2.0 era.

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