Tone-Paycoin ‘Exchange’ It became possible… Signed a joint development MOU


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jihye Han] The Tokamak Network’s TON and Danal Fintech’s Paycoin (PCI) will be exchanged for use in the PayCoin app.

Tokamak Network announced on the 7th that it has signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) for joint development with Danal Fintech, a blockchain-based payment platform.

The On-Demand Layer 2 Platform Tokamak Network is a blockchain building platform that provides a high level of scalability while guaranteeing the same level of decentralization and safety as Ethereum. In particular, it is characterized by being able to easily build a customized blockchain through several layer 2 solutions such as plasma EVM and zk rollup tailored to the needs of dApps. Along with this, it recently launched Tokamak Dao Beta, a decentralized decision-making body.

Danal Fintech is equipped with an infrastructure that allows payment with paycoin (PCI), a virtual asset, at more than 70,000 online and offline affiliated stores in Korea. Recently, the number of users exceeded 1.3 million, and through a partnership with UnionPay, it has launched the’Danal-UnionPay Mobile Prepaid Card’ that can be paid at UnionPay member stores around the world except in Korea and China. In the future, it aims to become a virtual asset lifestyle platform that can be easily used in everyday life such as payment, finance, and travel for virtual assets including Bitcoin and Paycoin.

The main goal of this business agreement is to allow Tokamak Network’s tones and PayCoins to be exchanged. Through this, tone holders will be able to receive payment and Tokamak staking services through exchange within the PayCoin app in the future. In addition, Danal Fintech will participate as a staking partner of the Tokamak Network and participate in the verification of the Tokamak Network.

Jeong Soon-hyung, Tokamak Network Founder, said, “Through cooperation with Danal Fintech, a leader in domestic blockchain payments, the ecosystem of the Tokamak network will be further expanded.” Together with the infrastructure, the versatility of the tone will be further expanded.”

Hwang Yong-taek, CEO of Danal Fintech, said, “Through this partnership, Paycoin will be able to provide virtual asset-based financial services beyond payment. In the future, when Paycoin and Tokamak network are linked, the ecosystem of both companies is expected to expand and the areas of Paycoin (PCI) and TON service will be diversified.” It will be a virtual asset-based integrated platform that can be used in more fields of daily life such as travel.”

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