Top 10 KBW 2023 Side Events for Crypto Ecosystem Builders

Top 10 KBW 2023 Side Events for Crypto Ecosystem Builders


Asia’s largest blockchain event, Korea Blockchain Week (KBW 2023), will kick off in Seoul, South Korea. The event runs for one week and features the highly anticipated main event, KBW2023: IMPACT, which invites the brightest minds of the blockchain industry to discuss topics such as Web 3.0, DEFI, metaverse, and gaming.


In addition, KBW 2023: IMPACT will feature a number of side events that will be larger than the main event, which is why we are expecting an even larger number of crypto companies, builders, and users to attend KBW 2023: IMPACT than last year.


In this article, we’ll be highlighting the top 10 most anticipated side events at KBW 2023: IMPACT.


Top 1 : Core Network Seoul


​​The Core Network Seoul is a premier event that brings together top leaders, investors, and innovators from the Korean and global blockchain industry.


​​Taking place on September 8, 2023 at the Josun Palace Hotel Great Hall, the event will provide unparalleled networking opportunities for projects through a host of industry-leading trading firms, exchanges, and data platforms and their networks.


Networking Opportunities: The event features dedicated sessions for networking. Attendees will engage with startups, industry leaders, and professionals, fostering the potential for expanded blockchain insights and partnerships.


Top 2 : Builders Night


The Builders Night is a premier event that brings together tech based company, investors, and innovators from the Korean and global blockchain industry.


​Taking place on September 6, 2023 at the Banyan-tree Hotel Crystal Hall, the event will provide unparalleled networking opportunities for projects through a host of industry-leading tech based company, investors and their networks.


What to expect from the event:


  • Engage in thought-provoking panel dialogues that promise to enlighten and challenge perspectives.


  • Discover the state-of-the-art suite of developer tools meticulously designed to streamline the Web3 building experience.


  • Forge meaningful connections with a diverse group of investors and trailblazing builders who are shaping the future.


Top 3 : ZK Community Meetup


Following the resounding success of the ZK Community Breakfast in Montenegro, the ZK Community Meetup is poised to redefine networking dynamics.

Insightful panel discussions on VC and ZK, coupled with enlightening keynote speeches, underscore this as the networking event of the year. The ZK Community Meetup promises to be built upon the triumph of its predecessor and foster a space for enriched networking.


Top 4 : Epic ETH Infra Day, Seoul

Held in the heart of Seoul, Epic ETH Infra Day is a dedicated event focusing on Ethereum Infrastructure. The event promises insightful presentations, in-depth discussions, and networking opportunities that cater to Ethereum enthusiasts, from developers to founders.


Top 5 : To the Next Billion Users & Beyond


Presented by nonce Classic & Shima Capital, this event is the must-attend satellite of Korea Blockchain Week. Against the backdrop of Seoul’s skyline at sunset and under the glittering stars, delve into thought-provoking conversations about the Web3 future.


Engage with panel discussions that delve into Web3’s trajectory and its impact on consumers, offering equal parts enlightenment and inspiration.


Top 6 : To the Next Billion Users & Beyond

In a tech landscape where AI and Web3 are the defining forces, Delysium in partnership with Google, aims to provide attendees with unparalleled experiences.

Limited to just 110 VIP guests, this evening will provide engaging discussions and networking with influential figures from the AI and Web3 sectors.


The collaboration between Delysium and Google will dive deep into the convergence of AI technology and Web3 platforms’ future. Blending Google’s unmatched cloud computing prowess with Delysium’s pioneering strides in AI x Web3, this partnership envisions a virtual world populated by both humans and AI entities.


Attendees will also have the exclusive chance to join the Google Cloud AI & Web3 startup program. This opportunity will empower startups with resources and technological expertise that might otherwise be inaccessible.


Top 7 : KBW 2023 VIP Night

In an exclusive, invite-only reception co-hosted by luminaries like HashKey Capital, Kaito, GSR, BitGo, and Nansen, Korea Blockchain Week 2023 VIP Night is expected to be the bridge between the established Web2 and the emerging Web3 ecosystems.


Top 8 : FIL Seoul

The FIL Seoul Network Base will serve as a hub for diverse sessions, featuring informative lightning talks, interactive workshops, and collaborative coworking experiences.

Additionally, the event offers a networking platform to facilitate potential collaborations and establish professional connections.


With the goal of bringing together a varied audience of developers, storage providers, clients, and ecosystem partners, the event promotes both knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.


Top 9 : Avalanche House: Seoul

During Korea Blockchain Week on Thursday, September 7, “Avalanche House” will be hosted in Seoul.

The gathering aims to provide attendees with insights about cryptocurrency and facilitate connections between individuals with shared interests. It’s expected to foster deep discussions and shed light on contemporary ideas in the domain.


Top 10 : Seoul Buidl Day

The upcoming Seoul Buidl Day will provide a comprehensive platform for startup founders. The event promises to host key leaders from the Web3 support companies, prominent investors, and innovative startup founders.



Korea Blockchain Week 2023 is a pivotal milestone in the landscape of blockchain gatherings. Beyond mere seminars and speeches, it mirrors the industry’s shared drive towards a decentralized, efficient, and inclusive future.


The extensive range of side events vividly portrays the convergence of diverse and vibrant interests in Seoul. Each event, whether an in-depth technical exploration or a casual networking occasion, embodies the dynamic spirit and unyielding pursuit of innovation that characterizes the blockchain community.