Trade $CZZ on Sushiswap: Step by Step Instructions


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CZZ’s English Community has been actively promoting their token $CZZ. Classzz, who market themselves as the world’s first programmable transaction blockchain network wants to encourage more of their users to know how to use Sushiswap.

“Let’s walk through the step by step instructions on how to trade CZZ on Sushiswap”

– Classzz (CZZ)


How do trade CZZ at SushiSwap ?

  1. Open the wallet, take imToken as an example. Ensure you have sufficient amount of CZZ and USDT in your wallet;

Click” Browser ”, select SushiSwap, and click ” Confirm” to open SushiSwap.


2.Click ” Select a Token”


3. Copy the CZZ smart contact address and paste it here, click the ‘’ CZZ ” that appears below; CZZ Smart contract address is: 0x20bf12a7bdb6d7b84069fb3b939892a301c981d1


  1. In the same way, to copy USDT smart contract address and paste it here, click the ”USDT” that appears below;

USDT Smart contract address is: 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7


5.Click “Insufficient CZZ balance”,to exchange CZZ to USDT.


6.Click “Approve CZZ”


7.Click “Next” to pay the gas fee.


CZZ continues to support Sushiswp and has congratulated Sushiswap for starting a multi-signature control. This is also the first Dex fully controlled by the community. In the future, what will become of Uniswap controlled by shareholders and Sushiswap controlled by the community. 


CZZ continues to expand their offering and will expect to open up the asset exchange between trc20 and erc20 at the end of November 2020 and it does not need to be mapped to the other party’s assets, making it smoother.


For more information, please visit CZZ.