UK’s ICOC, as a platform for brain sports competitions ‘Korea Aka Poker’ appointed


[Blockchain Today Reporter Jieun Lee] The UK’s ICOC International Brainsports Organization announced that Korea’s AKKA POKER will be selected as the officially designated online hold’em competition platform for international brainsports competitions.

The UK’s ICOC International Brainsports Association announced that from March 1, 2021, it will start the online Hold’em national team selection safely in the Corona Era through Untact, non-face-to-face online through Akapoker in Korea. The international brain sports competition held in Taipei, Taiwan in October this year is a total of 10 sports such as Go, Chess, Shogi, Bridge, Mahjong, Hold’em, Billiards, and Screen Golf. It is an international brain sports competition held around mind sports, which is advantageous to Asians who are weaker than others but have good brains. In particular, in the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China, where Chairman Ma’s Alibaba Group is located in 2022, it will be a special opportunity for Koreans in the future of mind sports such as e-sports and already adopted as official sports such as Go, Shogi, Chess, and Bridge. said.

Stanley Segal (founder) said that the UK’s ICOC’s goal is to secure 1 billion users within 5 years by cooperating with 10 national associations around the world through the selection of a total of 10 national representatives in Korea every year.

Aka Poker’s CEO Doo-Bum Hu said, “Through this cooperation with the British ICOC, the hidden champions of Korea are recognized as national Hold’em players. Good results in the international brainsports competition held in October this year as well as the overseas international professional hold’em competitions held every month. I sincerely hope that it will become a bridgehead to spread the culture of K Hold’em to the world.”

AKKA POKER is a mobile hold’em game, started with the goal of operating a healthy mind sports for global hold’em players starting with the global beta service in February 2020. The headquarters began in a small space in Silicon Valley, San Jose, USA, and is now stabilized and operated globally by development studios in Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, for the rapidly growing Korean market and Korean players, Ready Hot Games was established and a pilot service was provided under the name of “Akapoker-Hold’em Champion” through publishing services. For the fairness of the game, from the beginning of development, we have proven fairness and operated through a global top random dealing certification company called itech-lab in Australia. The distribution of cards proves fairness in progress and results by applying a code that proves the correct random every turn.

In addition, for the stability of the game, Seworks’ Absolute, a global top complementary solution located in San Francisco, is applied to block hacking or interference from external games, and external hacking is blocked at the source through real-time detection.

Based on these efforts, the UK’s ICOC and Global International Brain Sports Hold’em Division aims to provide safe and fair games to people around the world through Akapoker’s online service, and to service Hold’em, a genre of mind sports, and operate safely as an international game. Told.

In addition, Joon-Hee Jeon, CEO of Madeup Co., Ltd., the only company that provides ASP service with the Hold’em POS platform in Korea, said, “We are contemplating the sound expansion of K Hold’em culture with ICOC in the UK, We hope to be able to contribute to the development of the company.”