Valuables: Each of your tweets can be turned into NFT


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Did you know that your daily tweets can also be minted into NFT and traded?

Recently, a project called Valuables has caused an uproar in Twitter’s NFT circle. The project supports all Twitter users to buy other people’s tweets and sell their own tweets. Every tweet that is traded will be minted into an NFT. , And these tweets are also called NFTweet.

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT According to Valuables’ official tweet, in just a few days, all purchase applications were issued with a total amount of US$75,000. A total of 404 tweets were traded. The average price of each tweet was US$60, and 50% of the purchases were made. Family purchased 2 or more tweets.

The content of the tweets that are traded is also diverse.

Some are prophecies a few years ago:

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT There are patterns created by artists with characters, and there are many famous encryption artists such as Hackatao:

And this also attracted the participation of SuperRare CMO:

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT Although the tweet trading activity is in full swing, many people questioned this project after the first wave of heat gradually faded: these tweets can be reposted and screenshots, so why do I need to spend money to buy it?

In fact, this problem still exists in projects such as encryption art: I can save it directly or take a photo to save it. Why should I buy it?

To answer this question, you might as well put your eyes on both the buyer and the seller, and figure out what benefits the two parties can obtain by trading these NFTs.

First of all, from the buyer’s point of view, whether it is an encrypted artwork or such a tweet, it can become the buyer’s “social capital”.

In fact, this phenomenon is also very common in the field of traditional art. The rich are bidding on artworks to show their identity, or by buying the same edition artworks owned by other rich to join their circle. And this demand for “identity” and “face” will further promote the market price of these NFTs. And this is the most basic function of these NFTs: showing off.

The deeper function is “power.” The most powerful application is the right to use. By purchasing these NFTs, buyers will have the right to use them in their own articles, paintings, and tweets. However, people’s copyright awareness is too weak and infringements are common, causing many people to agree. Not paying attention to this point, so I think it is “no value”. Therefore, this requires everyone, at least most people, to reach a consensus on copyright issues before its value can be revealed.

In addition to usage rights, some users are also trying to give more rights.

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT Take Alex Masmej, the most famous issuer of social token ALEX as an example. He added the only right to know the news of the new project to this tweet. Buyers can learn about Alex’s new project in advance by purchasing this tweet.

For sellers, theft and snatching of intellectual property rights is the most disgusting thing for all content creators. Although people are accustomed to free knowledge, payment for knowledge will become a future development trend, and specific to a certain “knowledge” Whether you need to pay and how much it costs depends on the content creator. However, as mentioned above, it is necessary for everyone, at least most people, to reach a consensus on copyright issues before they can recognize its value and buy NFTs. And this coincides with what Valuables wrote in the introduction: take back the intellectual property rights of content creators from Twitter.

However, this will definitely be a long process, and the disruptive nature of the old and the new requires everyone to adapt slowly. As a start-up project, Valuables simply has a good vision is not enough, but also needs continuous improvement, at least from the current simple page, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT So, how can you get your favorite tweets in your pocket?

First enter Valuables official website:

Then copy the link of the tweet you want to buy into the text box;

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT Then enter this page to bid.

Valuables:你的每条推文,都可以变成NFT Then just wait quietly for the other party to accept the offer.