Venture capital Pantera Capital shot: investing in YFI and LUNA


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In its monthly report released this week, the crypto investment company Pantera Capital stated that it has invested in DeFi projects such as YFI and LUNA.

The authors of the report, Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead and CIO Joey Krug talked about their views on Bitcoin, macroeconomics and altcoins.

They said, “Several important investments we have made recently include YFI and LUNA. Since our investment, YFI’s P/E ratio has increased a lot. It is essentially an on-chain hedge fund with a single asset strategy. Developers can write their own strategies. , Deploy, and then collect fees, part of which is shared with YFI token holders.”

For crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Morehead is also very optimistic. After the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it will maintain a zero interest rate monetary policy for three years, he said on Twitter that it is now necessary to buy Bitcoin because inflation is coming, and the Fed will continue to print money until the inflation rate exceeds 2%.

He wrote on Twitter, “We firmly believe that the crypto market is in the early stages of a major bull market due to the promotion of the global macro situation and the continuous development of underlying technology fundamentals.”

According to a report by “Beijing” last week, Morehead said in an interview with Cointelegraph that, compared with Bitcoin, DeFi has a greater chance of growing 100 times in the next five years.

Morehead pointed out that although Pantera’s altcoin fund performed poorly in 2019, this situation has changed in the past few months due to the explosive growth of decentralized financial protocols and tokens.

As of the end of August, Pantera’s digital asset fund has grown 123% so far this year. He emphasized, “The world has awakened DeFi, and funds have poured into this field.”