WalkPay 2021 New Year brand cocktail party was successfully held


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On January 19, 2021, the 2021 WalkPay New Year Brand Launch Conference hosted by WalkPay and co-organized by Yunhe Finance was successfully held. Hundreds of blockchain companies and practitioners gathered at the event site to chat about hotspots, make friends, and talk about cooperation. Dozens of angel investors came to support, and they analyzed the current situation of the industry in depth with the guests and had insights into the future development direction. This electronic music party created an unforgettable New Year electronic music party experience, allowing more people to feel the innovative power and inexhaustible enthusiasm brought by blockchain technology to social development, and it created a mighty event in Shenzhen “Paying” the hurricane.


This conference is a sharing meeting for the upgrade of WalkPay2.0 products, and it is also a thank you meeting for the second anniversary of WalkPay. Since the launch of WalkPay in 2019, the WalkPay 1.0 product has gone through two years. In order to better serve merchants and platform acceptor users, and meet the new round of global business upgrade needs, it has undergone six months of iterative testing. In 2021 On the occasion of the New Year, WalkPay 2.0 products are strongly upgraded and launched.


After the start of the event, Bert, the business representative of WalkPay Asia Pacific, took the stage and gave a detailed introduction to everyone. WalkPay is a global payment product, its background, origin, business model positioning, business value and long-term mission vision.

Bert stated that WalkPay is affiliated to ETRANSS REMITTANCE INTERNATIONAL CORP. As a legally compliant financial services company in Manila, Philippines, WalkPay has the official qualification to provide virtual currency exchange services (MSB registration number: No. 60 -00629-0-00000), “WalkPay” is an innovative product launched by ETRANSS in the field of digital asset online payment. It is committed to enabling individuals and global enterprises to safely, simply and efficiently implement online payment and Collection. Since its launch in 2019, WalkPay has gone through two years, serving more than 1 million users worldwide and hundreds of long-term business partners.

At the event site, some users asked what were the innovations of WalkPay’s specific business model. Bert tells everyone that WalkPay, as a global payment platform, actually crowdsources some services of the traditional payment platform to the majority of acceptors. From the perspective of the blockchain concept, such distributed governance collaboration can be effective Improve efficiency and avoid risks. The WalkPay 2.0 product introduces a brand new acceptance mining mechanism. WalkPay users can not only save fees, but also make money by completing the acceptance. Through the acceptor’s mining reward mechanism, it can effectively promote the activity of acceptors, improve the efficiency of cross-border transaction payment, and create more value for platform acceptors.

Speaking of the commercial value of WalkPay, Bert said that, first of all, compared to traditional payment platforms, WalkPay does not charge merchants membership fees or registration fees. Merchants only need to pay a very low handling fee based on the transaction amount, which can greatly save companies and Handling fees and service fees of its clients in cross-border trade. Secondly, WalkPay can also solve the problem of privacy leakage through the collection and payment of USDT.

“The specific fee rate will fluctuate and adjust, but it is definitely much lower than the traditional payment channel, because we have achieved low-cost operations through innovative acceptance crowdsourcing. This is the charm of the blockchain. Contribution is return. Our goal It is to become the PayPal of digital assets,” Bert said.


This event attracted the participation of a large number of blockchain enthusiasts and cross-border trade practitioners. In the pleasant electronic music atmosphere, everyone exchanged contact information. Looking forward to the new changes and better development of the industry tomorrow, overseas The Chinese and overseas Chinese also sent blessings to the event.


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