We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck this vegan startup which has Bronn from Game of Thrones on its board used to get $10 million in funding from investors


  • VeganNation is a startup which plans to create a community of vegans worldwide through its app and an ethereum-based crypto currency offering called VeganCoin.
  • The Israel-based company recently raised $10 million in private investment. The company has Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn on its advisory board.
  • This is the 17 slide pitch deck the startup used to help get funding.
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Veganism is growing worldwide and now is the time to help it to the next level, according to community startup VeganNation.

The Israel-based company has just raised $10 million in funding for its community app platform and to prep for its ICO later this year. The funding comes mostly from private investors with commitments of between $25,000 to $1.2 million.

The company’s VeganCoin is based on an ethereum blockchain and is set to be classified as a utility token. VeganNation’s CEO, Isaac Thomas, told Business Insider that the ICO would happen in late October before the currency goes live in November this year.

“Veganism is a massive financial opportunity,” Thomas told Business Insider in an interview. “Our platform will be an accessible meeting place for vegans with our currency helping to power the vegan economy within a global community.”

VeganNation claims to have around 3000 businesses on board as partners for when its app and currency are ready. Thomas told Business Insider that the company was in active discussions with VCs for future raises subsequent to its ICO.

The company recently added Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Step Up dancer Jenna Dewan to its advisory board. VeganNation has also partnered with four Brazilian soccer teams to work together on environmental projects to protect the Amazon rainforest.

“VeganNation is the basis of an international vegan economy that makes vegan lives simpler, more economically and better for the Earth and the soul of each of us,” Flynn said in a blog post. “VeganCoin will allow many more to become vegans and thereby contribute to our ecological footprint.”

Check out the company’s 17 slide pitch deck.

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