Where is Sushi going in the future?


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Editor’s note: Sushi can be said to be the most controversial token now. FTX founder and Serum consultant SBF showed up to clarify the confusion and helplessness after accepting Sushi. Although I don’t know what will happen to Sushi in the future, according to SBF Said that there are still some people working hard for Sushi.

This article is translated from the latest Twitter about Sushi published by FTX founder and Serum consultant SBF on September 16, 2020.

“I was entrusted with heavy responsibility in the darkest hour of Sushi, and now I am doing my best to do what is right for SUSHI.”

Creation and Fighting (Building and Fighting)

If you don’t care about Sushi, this is totally fine. I have not made any guarantees for its future. This is not investment advice.

Crypto is born for creation. Create new projects, help each other, and move forward together. Sometimes you will encounter some problems, but you can find a way to fix it. Crypto is a decentralized consensus that crosses national boundaries and languages. It should not be politicized or factionalized. The original intention of Crypto is to create, not fight (Crypto is for building, not fighting).

Sushiswap was built, then it was damaged, and then a group of people devoted time and energy to repairing it. Many people stay up and down on Discord or Github to help Sushi as much as they can. They spent much more time than me, but they didn’t get any compensation.

I am not the creator of Sushi, I was called, and now I am doing my best to do what is right for SUSHI. But there are many people who are not at home at all. Instead, they keep attacking those who are doing their best to help Sushiswap.

And I am not the only one who feels this way.

Sushiswap has only been born for a few weeks (the results have been achieved):

● The transaction volume of the decentralized trading platform ranks third

● The total lock-up amount (TVL) ranks fifth

● SUSHI is the fourth most traded pass among DeFi passes

SushiSwap’s migration was very successful, successfully achieving multi-signature. It has real income-tens of millions of income every year-is returning to SUSHI. And the funds that Nomi took at the time were all returned voluntarily. This funding is huge and unprecedented. Moreover, these were not done under duress. Nomi said they felt guilty, and I believed them too.

In another world, this may be a symbol of hope and redemption; a week ago, Sushiswap’s future was uncertain at best. For some people in the DeFi field, this is a story about hope.

But for some people, this is an excellent opportunity to slander competitors.

I am not defending Sushi or its past, I am not perfect, and Sushi is not perfect, as are other multi-signers. nobody is perfect. And I cannot guarantee anything related to price. But we are all doing our best here.

In private, multi-signaturers have told me about recent personal attacks on them by others.

One of the undersigned’s rival companies also found someone to investigate him, tried to dig out something that could discredit him and threatened to sue him. And there are many people who are suspected of being Nomi but have not seen actual evidence.

One of the conspiracy theories put me, God V, Changpeng Zhao, Circle, ETH Denver, and a lot of other inexplicable things together, and I don’t understand what happened. Many of us are also legally intimidated by people who have never touched Sushi (what are you doing this for?)

An employee of an extremely unfair statistical website attacked me with the weirdest and most unethical attack I have ever seen. And certain attacks on the project itself and technical aspects are completely untenable.

CoinDesk wrote an article that is completely full of factual errors. Apart from these inexplicable errors, there is nothing left in this article. Its main point is completely wrong: because you can completely reduce the output of Sushi, and you can also change the unlocking period of Sushi.

We are here to do things, to build. And some people seem to have a soft spot for destroying the results of others.

I can fully understand that some people are angry because Sushiswap is a fork. What I want to say, however, is that you cannot fork or copy the future of a project. If you are so afraid of being forked, how does this aspect reflect the future of your project?

I was entrusted with important tasks in the darkest moments of Sushi. Since I took over and helped this project, I tried my best to help it stand up again. And I am not alone. There is a large group of people who are helping around the clock during sushiswap’s most difficult time.

I am grateful for everything they have done.

But I still have a lot of other things to do-many of us do. I wanted to get rid of Sushiswap many times, because after I was called to help, I was sprayed instead.

But I did not leave. Because sometimes, when you meet these bullies, you can’t choose to give up or shrink.

I did not lead Sushiswap. Except for the community, no one can lead Shushiswap. I am honored to be able to participate and help it grow.

At the same time, I need to clarify a few things.

First, I am not sushi, nor do I speak on behalf of sushi, let alone lead sushi. I’m just doing what the community asks to do and do my best to help.

Second, I cannot control the price of sushi. The price of sushi is completely determined by the market. If the community chooses to sell their sushi or buy sushi, these are their choices.

Third: If you have no interest in sushiswap, no problem at all, you can read my other long tweets.

Fourth, for those who have no interest in sushiswap but want to use it to discredit competitors, please do not delay the continued construction of sushiswap.

Fifth, for those who try to attack sushiswap, you must be afraid of something.

Sixth, sushi is not mine, so I cannot make any promises to the real sushi community. Sushi is yours. I can only do the best I can.

Only you can really decide which direction sushiswap will eventually go. And only you can determine the price trend of SUSHI, I cannot force anyone to buy and sell SUSHI. We just help you to implement the tasks you want to accomplish.

But for all the attacks and slanders we have received so far, Sushiswap has performed well. You can pledge SUSHI in sushibar to get benefits. These benefits are not super inflation, but actual handling fee profits back to SUSHI holders. If any community or multi-signature holder leaves, I will never blame any of them.

At the moment, I will continue to stay in the community, because sometimes you see those haters, you will not back down, but will continue to move forward. And, if you continue to persevere, you are likely to discover what these haters really fear.

In summary, this is all I want to say, continue to return to construction. There will be many new products online tonight!

In addition, if you also want to join the construction team, please join us. There are many exciting things that will happen in Sushi, Serum and Solana and other DeFi areas.