Why does “Blockchain Scratch Music” suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT’s exploration of GameFi


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This is not only a “lottery” game, but also an NFT enlightenment.

Original title: “DEGO NFT: A NFT Enlightenment Movement and GameFi Exploration”
Written by: Black Phoenix Lee

DeFi shines in the blockchain industry in 2020 and is a well-deserved annual hot spot. In addition to DeFi, players are also constantly looking for new wealth codes in the industry. The protagonist of this article, NFT, is the most anticipated seed. One of the players. In addition to games and encrypted artworks in the current NFT market, DeFi projects have also begun to spoil the situation. Recently, an airdrop that has spread throughout the currency circle has made DEGO stand out from the crowd of spoilers.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Homogeneous Token) is a relative concept of FT (Homogeneous Token). Common ERC-20 or TRC-20 tokens such as UNI and USDT in the crypto market belong to FT. The characteristics of FT are the same, It is interchangeable and divisible. The same type of FT held by everyone has the same value and can be divided into 0.1 or less. NFT is the opposite, each NFT is unique, the two are not interchangeable, the smallest unit is 1 and indivisible.

The uniqueness and indivisible characteristics of NFT can naturally be adapted to some scarce products, such as game assets, artworks, collectibles, digital copyrights, etc. CryptoKitties, which caused serious congestion in Ethereum in 2017, is the first application of NFT. Each NFT corresponds to a unique cat with independent genes, attributes and values, allowing the entire encrypted world There are “cat slaves” everywhere.

At present, two mainstream NFT standards have been derived from the Ethereum public chain: ERC-721 and ERC-1155. CryptoKitties is the ERC-721 used, while ERC-1155 was proposed by the game community Enjin. It was included in the official Ethereum Token standard in 2019. Compared with the former, it is characterized by the ability to bundle multiple NFTs and package transactions. Improve transaction efficiency and reduce Gas waste.

Former NFT

The story of NFT began with CryptoKitties, and it has been nearly three years. During this period, the two most widely used areas of NFT were games and encrypted artworks. Although there are many followers, the number of users and market value are still in the niche category. After the popularity of DeFi, the combination of DeFi+NFT began to appear, gaining more influence in the market.

Blockchain games and encrypted artworks

In the game field, NFT can be used as the value carrier of virtual assets such as game characters, game props, game equipment, etc. Compared with traditional games, the rights of game assets are truly in the hands of players, and the liquidity is greatly improved. Buy or sell on OpenSea or other NFT trading sites, which also facilitates the collection and hype of some rare game assets.

For example, the card game “Gods Unchained” has issued 6.82 million NFT cards in total. In the game, cards are used as game assets, and players can choose to collect or trade. Currently, the highest auction price for a single card is 235 ETH. .

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

NFT encrypted artwork refers to the use of blockchain technology to create digital artwork and bind it to NFT. Currently, it is often some paintings. These encrypted artworks have the characteristics of independent ownership, programmable, and tokenization, and can realize rapid issuance and efficient circulation on the chain, forming an on-chain art ecology parallel to the traditional art world.

Encrypted artwork only has its own cultural and artistic value, no other anchoring value or added value, but it is often expensive, and the hype and bubbles are self-evident. Currently, not only can you trade encrypted artworks on platforms such as OpenSea, but also professional art brokers such as SuperRare and KnownOrigin.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi


With the soaring popularity of the DeFi concept, many projects have recently begun to explore the combination of NFT and DeFi. Here is a brief mention of two representatives: WHALE and MEME.

The WHALE project was initiated by WhaleShark, the NFT encrypted art collection giant whale. WHALE’s vault has more than 3000 NFT assets with a total value of more than 1 million U.S. dollars. At present, most of the NFT assets in the vault are provided by WhaleShark. The management right is also mainly in its hands. WHALE tokens are equivalent to mortgage these NFTs. WHALE tokens can be used to purchase NFT works, conduct business consultations with WhaleShark, participate in the governance of WHALE DAO, etc. The WHALE community currently also supports liquid mining, but only for creators.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

MEME is a joke project. In the early days, MEME was just a virtual project of Consensys developer Jordan Lyall. It was used to satirize the “degenerate finance” caused by the rampant of various “food coins”, similar to the Dogecoin of the year. Later, it was developed and launched by anonymous people, and integrated the NFT gameplay, ushered in multiple rounds of skyrocketing, and once became a popular project in the circle. In MEME, players can earn pineapple points by staking MEME tokens to exchange for limited edition NFT cards. These cards are divided into multiple levels according to their rarity and can be collected or sold.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi


A crazy blockchain scrape

DEGO is a DeFi aggregator that uses a modular design concept. The DEGO system also incorporates the NFT gameplay. DEGO’s NFT is called GEGO.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

Getting to know GEGO for the first time came from an airdrop. On the evening of September 24th, the DEGO project team released an airdrop mission. After completing a series of routine operations such as joining the group and following Twitter on Telegram, you can receive one of the quality GEGO V1-V6. Starting from the second day, the major communities and media in the currency circle were flooded with news of the GEGO airdrop. Within the 72-hour airdrop registration time, the Telegram group swarmed into 48,000 people, and Twitter fans exceeded 37,000. During the airdrop, I got close to NFT for the first time.

At 21:30 on September 27th, GEGO airdrops opened to receive channels. You need to pay a gas fee to receive them. Many players who don’t know the truth thought that they could get the airdrop by filling in their wallet address, but the gas payment threshold made everyone feel cheated and professional. The wool party in the community continued to criticize, and all the sought-after remarks for a time were covered by a large number of doubts.

Things turned around immediately. Players who had already spent Gas to receive GEGO began to speak out in the community. High-quality GEGO can be sold at a high price. Many people have already reclaimed NFT off the court or in OpenSea. The blockchain media “Block Rhythm” posted on Weibo on the same day that it had obtained V5 quality GEGO and sold it for $800 in OpenSea. The rarest V6 quality GEGO is even more priceless, with players quoting US$8,000.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

The screenshots of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the account have once again fulfilled the real incense law. The wool parties who were still swearing in the previous second have poured into the DEGO official website to participate in the NFT lottery. The community is full of non-chiefs and European emperors. Discussion on NFT quality. Many players became addicted to the game. Because they needed about 13$ of Gas at the time, they were dubbed the “blockchain scratching fun” of 13$.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

Under the player’s crazy scratching prizes, Ethereum was not unexpectedly blocked, the gas fee grew rapidly in a short time, and the scratching of 13$ was approaching 20$.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

During the fermentation process of the airdrop event, the official Twitter issued the rules of GEGO mining. At this time, players realized that this is not just an airdrop. In addition to the value of the airdrop itself, GEGO can also participate in the DEGO system. Mining, dividends, governance. This wave of operations brought players a step closer to GEGO’s knowledge.

Behind this GEGO airdrop is the good intentions of the project team. They used low-cost public opinion to complete a perfect marketing event, which not only made the DEGO project itself soaring, but also realized user education in the NFT market. Many people spontaneously understand the principles and value of NFT, the operation method of the OpenSea trading platform, etc., allowing players to see the full picture of the NFT market while scalping wool and eating melons, which can be called an NFT enlightenment.

GEGO mining ends DeFi dolls

The reason why GEGO is able to win the market’s attention is on the one hand because of the high popularity of airdrop marketing, and on the other hand because of the fun and innovation of GEGO itself. GEGO not only has the same collection value as other NFTs, but also has practical attributes, such as GEGO pledge mining.

In the DEGO system, there is a mining pool dedicated to GEGO. The pledging of different qualities of GEGO will have different computing power when entering the mining pool, and finally the DEGO tokens produced by the mining pool will be divided according to the computing power share. GEGO mining also continued several characteristics of the DEGO system itself, and formulated strategies such as reducing production during the mining cycle and preventing monopoly of giant whales.

GEGO mining is a combination of DeFi and NFT. Both fields have injected fresh vitality.

1. Introduce more value to the NFT market. The existing NFT market is dominated by encrypted artworks. It is difficult for encrypted artworks to open the market based on their virtual cultural value, and they may fall into a tulip-like bubble hype. The difference between GEGO is that it is not a tool for purely hyping cultural beliefs, but a “game equipment” that simultaneously wraps cultural and artistic value, DEGO token value, and mining added value, allowing players to be arty while still Can get real money in return.

2. Provides a new gameplay for the DeFi market. Although DeFi mining projects have emerged in an endless stream in recent months, there are no more than three core gameplays: tireless liquid mining (such as Uniswap), coin pledge mining of new bottles of old wine (such as SUN), and LP Token pledge. Baby mining (such as the early Sushiswap). GEGO’s NFT mining gameplay ended the unlimited dolls in the DeFi market and opened up a new track. It is expected that a large number of imitators may appear in the market in the short term.

Road map full of imagination

In DEGO’s official document, a NFT roadmap with a huge amount of information is shown.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

Several output methods and gameplays of NFT can be seen in the roadmap. The first is this airdrop, followed by NFT auction and NFT casting. In NFT auctions, the system will automatically mint GEGO and conduct auctions, and players can get income from it; NFT minting means that players can use DEGO to mint GEGO by themselves. In the future, restrictions will be lifted to support any Token to minge GEGO, which is equivalent to delegating the right to mint. To the player.

In the future, DEGO will also incorporate more NFT gameplay, such as card drawing and team mining, etc., to expand the application scenarios and intrinsic value of GEGO in the form of games. It can be seen from this that DEGO is not a pure DeFi or NFT project, but a wonderful chemical reaction generated by the combination of the two, which becomes a GameFi project. This is both a game system and a financial system in which players can play Experience decentralized finance through games.

Dreamy Easter Egg

There is no doubt about the game properties of the DEGO project. Since it is a game, Easter eggs are indispensable.

There is no need to mention the LEGO marks everywhere in the system. The minesweeper on the homepage of the official website is one of the most popular eggs for players. Even a well-known person in the currency circle launched the DEGO minesweeper moon cake reward challenge.

Why does "Blockchain Scratch Music" suddenly become popular? Learn about DEGO NFT's exploration of GameFi

In this blind box airdrop, there is also a mysterious easter egg. Players will receive 0.05 Dandy tokens when they withdraw GEGO. This Dandy has triggered endless fantasies among players, but currently no one knows the meaning of this easter egg except for the DEGO team. However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of the players. The Dandy/ETH trading pair soon appeared on Uniswap, and the use of Dandy became a hot topic in the community.

to sum up

GEGO not only inherits the characteristics of traditional NFT, but also shows us a brand-new GameFi form through a variety of gameplay and multi-attribute value empowerment, allowing users to feel the charm of encrypted finance and encrypted art in a gamified way. I think this form is easier to be accepted by the public. The expectation of ordinary players for NFT will not be a high-level encrypted artwork, but rather whether it is fun and whether it can be profitable. GEGO has created an airdrop NFT and can be mined. NFT and profitable NFT are the precedents. After that, I believe there will be more projects to explore different ways of playing NFT, extend more applications of DeFi and GameFi, let us look forward to it.

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