WING STEP: Walk and run to earn money in daily life

WING STEP: Walk and run to earn money in daily life

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[Blockchain Today, Jihye Han] As StepN, a Move to Earn (M2E) project giving token awards for specific activities, rocks the world, Wing Step, an M2E platform that is more affordable and has a relatively lower barrier than Stepn, is growing at a rapid pace.

GMT, Stepn’s token is showing an upward movement of four hundred times and has created a big issue as it was listed on Binance and Coinbase, and eventually Korea’s UPbit and Bithumb simultaneously. Currently StepN is the best-known among all M2E projects.

However, the NFT mining cost priced at $1,000 or higher poses a high entry barrier, and due to the relatively high token value, new M2E platforms are emerging.

Those new M2Es promote themselves with various items such as affordable NFT sneakers, watches, and bicycles and compete to attract people to participate. Wing Step has focused on differentiation with other current M2Es.

Wing Step is an M2E App created by a Korean founder and is currently operating as a company named Two Wing Chain in Singapore. Wing Step has been developed applying two methods. It rewards participants for their efforts, such as NFT sales proceeds and mining, by introducing a human network system to a participant compensation method. Wing Step explained that this is the first introduction in the world for an NFT.

Wing Step allows owners to organize a team that will work together with the referral code of the owner by having just the cheapest sneakers in a system more expensive NFT sneakers get more mining rewards than cheap sneakers and receive four types of rewards.

Wing Step, which is about to release its app on the 15th, already has a number of global users approaching 100,000 people online and is rapidly expanding offline globally as well.

Wing Step plans on launching sequentially from the 9th on the top 5 IDO platforms it has signed global partnerships with (BSC.Bin Starter FAM CENTRAL, TrustFI, KINGDOMSTARTER), and will be officially listed on the Pancake Swap on the 11th.

Wing Step said, “With the launch of IDO on the 9th, we will promote the concept of win-win sharing in the M2E model, with the already established online and offline communities such as Korea, Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia as our pillar.”

The M2E ecosystem is ultimately about maintaining a strong token ecosystem such as user participation and rewards. Wing Step said, “Through the WST (Wing Step Token), the governance token of Wing Step, we will create a robust ecosystem through a system that walks, runs, and shares together, rather than the old M2E in which people do things alone.”

Wing Step has 5 types of NFT sneakers and has been developed to give token rewards according to distance. Wing Step also provides an in-house wallet function and uses the Binance Smart Chain. People can purchase NFTs with BNB (Binance Coin), and rewards are also paid in real-time in BNB and WSS.

The project spokesperson said, “We will show you a new era of M2E apps based on the upgrade development roadmap for the future and the highest level of development capability.”


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