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The pandemic has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease itself with millions at risk. Around the world, high unemployment and stagnant economic activity tend to lead to social unrest. Most people have heard the theory that in order to be truly independent you need to save, i. e. have a stable financial cushion, but…

Yet, despite understanding it clearly, there are people who fail to reach this goal. They are hampered by a huge number of myths.

Nicolas Durr, Ph.D. from Switzerland, the founder of Entro.py, CEO of Grow Back and Praem Capital projects, is ready to become a mythbuster. Just keep reading this article and some of your misconceptions and prejudice regarding investment possibilities will disappear. In addition, Nicolas will share his business ideas. We guarantee that you won’t be bored.

Multimillion-dollar projects or your own business – which one to choose?

Nicolas Durr has worked in Europe and Australia, leading multi-million dollar projects and holding senior positions in the BMS industry. Every year, he expanded the geographical presence of his companies and explored new markets.

The investor was able to learn all he could about building his own business from zero. This allowed him to get a deeper understanding of his customer’s pains, needs and challenges. In doing so he gained as well rich experience in various fields.

The idea of creating the Grow Back project was born in December 2015, not in a stuffy office, but during the United Nations climate change conference (COP21). In 2017, while continuing to work on this startup, he began to work on the Praem project, using knowledge accumulated from past experiences. In Grow Back, he aimed to create a circular economy with carbon tokens, that represent carbon credits and serve as an investment incentive for polluting companies.

While serving as the CEO of Entro.py, Nicolas was fully immersed in data science and machine learning. Using Big Data, Entro.py managed to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

Even having a Ph.D. degree, Nicolas sought to discover even more ways to increase knowledge and skills. Nicolas gained invaluable experience in working with Big Data and artificial intelligence and implementing new unique technological solutions in blockchain projects. Later he came up with the idea of creating an innovative investment method that would solve the most important problems of any beginner or an experienced investor. He implemented this approach into a new project – Praem Capital.

Praem Capital: initial stages of the project

2014 – Nicolas Durr first became interested in cryptocurrency. He was impressed by the significant advantages that digital currencies bring – anonymity, decentralization, lack of inflation, as well as volatility. And therein lies an opportunity for income-starved investors.

January 2017 –  Nicolas focuses entirely on blockchain development. He managed to discover completely new and, at first glance, not obvious opportunities. He was working on algo-trading bots together with a team of developers.

March 2017 – The project team is testing its first crypto trading bot. The launch was successful. Afterwards Nicolas suggested developing a completely new trading algorithm for the Forex market.

While Bitcoin’s positive momentum continued, startup developers were updating and testing a large number of algorithms. They aimed to maximize profit in the current market conditions.

December 2017 – The Praem team began thorough research of the stock market and analysis of various trading bot strategies. The goal was to reduce potential risks associated with trading, as well as to make trading more profitable.

The research and testing phases lasted 6 months. The experts managed to refine the algorithms for the stock market, increase profitability and keep risks at a low level.

Many financial market assets have a higher degree of volatility, and investors do not always have the opportunity to analyze the market in a timely manner and make the right decision. Therefore, the Praem team decided to create an additional technology that:

  • allows to analyze Big Data
  • helps improve the work of trading bots
  • makes trading decisions

March 2018 – Building an AI system:

“We wanted to train AI to analyze how fluctuations in one market affect another. Our Data Scientists team has proposed an accelerated learning technique called Transfer Learning Technology. We radically changed data of a certain artificial intelligence to train our own. To build a high-quality information field, we used our own databases of previous transactions and passed them through the Wolfram Mathematica platform,” said one of the developers of the Praem Capital project.

The key stage of the project development was the first launch and testing of artificial intelligence.

Everything you need to know about Praem Capital

Praem Capital is a financing innovation project, whose main task is to create advanced solutions for a highly profitable and safest investment model.

The project team manages to hedge risks and minimize human error in trading by using complex solutions and unique developments. This results in even higher profits for investors.

Praem Capital project solves the main problems of a modern investor:

  • lack of experience and knowledge
  • asset unification
  • excessive emotionality
  • small start-up capital
  • fear of losing money
  • ineffective strategic decisions.

Lack of experience is the main problem beginners face. Their financial security is derailed by a single wrong decision or ineffective strategy.

Praem Capital trading bots allow minimizing risks and maximizing profit while investing in the market. Moreover, they:

  1. process more transactions
  2. process transactions at high speed
  3. don’t base their analysis on subjective factors
  4. ensure uninterrupted operation

Example: For 2019, Forex trading bots bring traders up to 15%-20% monthly on average.

Crypto trading bots rely on algorithmic trading, but they are prone to make mistakes because of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure (for example, the COVID-19 pandemic) that are shaking up the market in unexpected ways.

To avoid such risks, Praem Capital has implemented several important tools.

Risk leverage –  Artificial Intelligence

While AI often leads to better analysis of investment markets, it also minimizes possible loss of funds.

The sheer processing speed of artificial intelligence enables it to outpace humans at any task that involves data processing and making decisions. And this is not the only thing that made humans inferior to technology.

Efficiency, high productivity, impartiality, as well as the amount of data that artificial intelligence operates, create the most favorable conditions for investment.

By using trading bots and Big Data, artificial intelligence analyzes millions of data points and executes trades at the optimal price and with greater accuracy, thus significantly reducing risks.

The key to Praem Capital’s success –

Safe investment concept

“I have always appreciated the saying: keeping your money idle is as good as losing it. The only effective way to raise money is to start investing.

But what about the risks?

Artificial intelligence partially solves the problem. It helps bots respond quickly to any important changes in the market, making the right trading decisions. However, the fact that they can make errors and mistakes should also be taken into consideration. But even in this case, nothing threatens investors’ funds.

Having many business contacts and relationships from past experience, I managed to find a solution that will provide income without taking unnecessary risks for investors. In short, our safe investment concept has finally become a reality due to Praem Capital’s cooperation with our partner in Luxembourg.

Technological innovations increase profitability and minimize risks, but you need a sufficient security reserve for fully uninterrupted work of financial instruments. A mutually beneficial agreement with our partner provides a sufficient guarantee, allowing our technologies to work at 100 percent of capacity”.

Another key aspect of the entire project is the partnership with a hedge fund in Luxembourg, which guarantees the safety of investments and insures deposits for the period of transactions: in case of a drawdown or an increased risk of failed orders, the investor’s balance will be refilled from the fund, which eliminates the possibility of financial losses. Now investors don’t have to worry about losing their capital.

The ICO of the project starts soon: all funds received from investors are automatically invested in financial instruments that bring them profit. The hedge fund takes over the financing of development of a private blockchain and the entire ecosystem.

Our next step is the integration of a private blockchain, a distributed data storage registry, which will automate processes by fully synchronizing AI and trading bots. This will make it possible to create complex tasks for multi-level transactions, thereby implementing the revolutionary idea of cross-niche trading.

The project team analyzed the largest investment markets, determining the more profitable way of using financial instruments and methods for an investor:

“With existing technology and multi-level transactions, even a low-income niche can earn good returns. For example, the average yield is 8-12% per annum for the real estate market. Cross-niche trading significantly increases those numbers”, – said Nicolas Durr.

There is no perfect strategy or investment tool. The “Holy Grail” is fiction, but technology is real! It is Praem Capital’s intelligent technologies that make it possible to minimize risks on the path toward financial stability.

How investors get income: why is the profit growing?

With Praem Capital, investors profit from an increase of the PRM token’s value and interest income earned on investment.

Funds invested during the ICO period will be launched for the work of Praem Capital’s financial instruments, which will generate fixed income for investors in three markets.

Users receive revenue depending on the purchased investment plan: the larger the plan, the higher the percentage of profit. The second source of income is the growth rate of the token. Its price is based on:

  • excess profits from financial instruments
  • AI market value

After the completion of the ICO stage, the fund will exchange the PRM token and fix the investors’ profit in USD.

Praem Capital already has expansive opportunities:

  • analysis of data on transactions conducted by trading bots in the main markets, search for causal factors of results to find similar patterns in the future;
  • technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market, as well as technical and fundamental analysis of the stock market and Forex;
  • fundamental analysis of the real estate market, based on the factors that affect investment properties.

The cost of Praem’s artificial intelligence is the most important factor for a company’s capitalization. During two months of the ICO, it will rapidly gain experience due to the constant analysis of a large number of diverse transactions.

Accordingly, the capitalization of the entire project and the cost of the token increase along with the cost of artificial intelligence. Despite the fact that the price of the PRM token is almost constantly moving up on the chart, there are minor fluctuations in the rate.

“These rate fluctuations are associated with excess profits and not critical or long term. A rising moving average on the chart reflects an uptrend, so such fluctuations are absolutely natural, there’s nothing to worry about”, – says Nicolas Durr.

Project scale: how to join the project at the ICO stage and at the ecosystem stage

The Praem Capital project team is scheduled to complete the development of the private blockchain in the coming months. The revolutionary cross-niche trades will become the reality and we can finally proceed to the next phase – the ecosystem.

The growth of the PRM token will allow investors to boost capital and provide access to a number of services until the ecosystem is launched. According to Nicolas, each user can choose between 6 investment plans. Each of them covers certain niches that will be available after the opening of the ecosystem, so you should carefully read the proposals and choose the most suitable option for you. Investment plans will be available only during the ICO stage: the larger the plan, the higher the return from the financial instruments.

During two months of the ICO, investors can update their packages using the augmented capital.

All plans will be valid indefinitely when investors switch to the ready-made ecosystem. Those who won’t be able to join Praem Capital during the ICO could purchase a subscription.

“The most significant feature of our project is that each and every investor has the possibility of earning money. It doesn’t matter if you have several million dollars to invest or $50 at your disposal. Many people often ask me how to make money with a minimum capital to start out with. My answer to them is my project – Praem Capital. It helps people feel optimistic about the future and not worry about creating a “financial cushion”. The risks of investing in this project are reduced to zero thanks to our revolutionary mechanism and our security concept”, – says the founder of Praem Capital

“But when will investors first experience a real return on their investment?” – asks the interviewer.

“Investors who join our project at the ICO stage can immediately feel the first profit, right from the first day, and they will make sufficient capital from the growth in the value of the token to invest during the launch of the ecosystem at the end of December”, – says Nicolas.

According to the CEO, the ICO will start on October 30 together with a demo version of the ecosystem, which will help to calculate in advance the projected profit of investors for the ICO period, depending on the plan they have chosen.

The project also provides a profitable affiliate program. By promoting the highly profitable and low-risk Praem Capital project, users earn generous commission every time their referral purchases a package.

Anyone can participate in the affiliate program because its terms are clear and simple. By investing and purchasing a plan, a user automatically becomes a member of the program.

Another nice feature of the project is a ranking system. Buying packages during the ICO, users invite active investors, earning up to $150K due to the total turnover of their businesses.

Development potential of Praem Capital

Today the project has great potential for growth and development.  According to the CEO, ambitious but precise as a Swiss watch goal will lead Praem Capital to ultimate success.

“Small steps are the best way to tackle big goals. I talked about the past and current ones, now it’s time to tell you a little about the future. After the launch of the ecosystem, we plan to release a mobile application and our own crypto-fiat cards, which will simplify the investment process. We pay special attention to simplicity and ease of use of the system, but our main goal is to strengthen Praem Capital’s position on the world stage. This is exactly what we are seeking today” – says Nicolas Durr.

Praem Capital’s partnership with the hedge fund marks the beginning of the company’s B2B technology integration.

The next important milestone of the company’s growth will be obtaining a FINMA license (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). According to Nicolas, the globalization of the company will allow it to go public (IPO) and realize its ultimate goal – Praem Exchange.

We asked Nicholas about his business rules.

“All these years I have worked to change the world for the better, so innovation could better serve society. This approach takes into account all the intellectual achievements of our company to prepare and finalize the first cross-niche exchange – Praem Exchange.

It is known that most businesses exist in order to earn a return for the business owners. I hope to be an example that business interests and altruism can coexist. This is the message I want to convey to the whole world and to every person in particular. All changes start with us, so if we don’t go in this direction today, then who will and when?”

The Praem Capital project not only changes the lives of certain people, it transforms the fundamental approach to the investment market and offers non-trivial digital solutions to the main problems of this area.

Warren Buffett, the famous investor and the living legend in the financial world, did not have to prove the Riemann hypothesis to earn a million dollars. The investor chose a different path and challenged another theorem – the effectiveness of financial markets. Warren Buffett managed to beat not only the entire system, but also the market over a long period and is currently considered the most successful investor in the world.

And we are convinced that Praem Capital will be equally successful!

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