World’s First Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator. FXF. CeFi & DeFi Platform Built for REAL Crypto Business


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Finxflo (FXF) is the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator designed to help traders access the best rates and prices from the world’s leading CeFi (Centralized finance) & DeFi (Decentralized finance) protocols. Designed for a regulated and secure environment, FXF’s platform helps to eliminate market distortions by allowing traders to gain access to the best trading pairs/liquidity pools with just one connection, one account and one KYC process.
James Gillingham – Co-founder / CEO
Matt Page: Head of Institutional Sales
0:10 Introduction to Finxflo, to James & Matt & Disclosure (by Brad).
1:31 Real World Problem: what was the reasoning behind building the FXF platform?
5:40 What is the FXF platform? What does it mean to be the world’s first Liquidity aggregator
7:10 Discussion on DeFi versus CeDeFi. KYCAML imperatives for real biz. Goal: for crypto to be the Number 1 instrument for real business
10:30 What set’s the FXF ecosystem apart? Security, Regulation, Insured Custody, mitigating risks of single points of failure, strategic partners.
12:32 One Stop Shop, explained by Matt Page
13:15 How to be No 1 as a platform? Tech, minimize fake volume trading issues, price saving, aggregate key stakeholders for better pricing, institutional strength, direct market access.
17:08 Security & Custody built in to meet Regulators’ standards. Prevention of rugpulls, Whitelisted Client Wallets for security, Fragmentation of private keys.
20:48 Regions: Global regulation distinctions. Undergoing SEC & FINRA licensing: Federal and State licences. Operational in U.S Non-security backed coins from April when Live! Also, increasing pair offering coming over the year.
24:50 Team. Who? Why were they selected? Skillsets & experience.
28:30 More on Team: Commercial, Legal representatives, Institutional/Industrial Sales.
34:41 Really a World First? Yes, says James. The first hybrid, regulated liquidity aggregator (building into a more replete financial platform)
37:09 Advisors: discussion of their experience and why they are in the team. Particular discussion about Joel, (Coach K) the crypto-related advisor. Discussion on crypto marketing imperatives. Advisors are vested for a long time.
43:10 Back to the Tech: Tech talk. Discussion of Adv. Features. Discussion of growing tech team working with Thomas.
48:10 UI/UX discussion and update. Also DEMO link to the FXF platform.
52:50 Direct Token Talk. FXF Native Utility Platform.
55:00 Blockchain 3.0 Digital Asset: FXF will be launched on ERC-20 then later TRC-20 (so TRON and why used). FXF is designed to be blockchain agnostic and will also link to other blockchains in the future like DOT!
59:25 The Token Allocation & Distribution Model. One Price for all. Many VCs wanted preferential treatment. Public round just hit. Discussion about Polkastarter, 100% unlocked.
1:06:40 Roadmap. Detailed discussion
1:11:05 Partnerships coming, both in Mainstream & Crypto. 8-9 Partnerships COMING! WP discussion
1:14:10 The Raise. 2.7 Million. (previously bootstrapped by team)
1:28:23 Social Links: Access to more info: see links. Like, subscribe, join! Very Open discussion.
1:29:30 Whitelisting event Friday 29th, 2021.
1:31:23 Final statements from James & Matt. 24/7 Customer service support, proprietary source, dark pool access to stop front running.
The Finxflo ecosystem is fuelled by the native FXF multi-utility token, a real blockchain 3.0 asset. By holding FXF, users can access all the features of Finxflo, including yield farming, staking, competitive fees, trading on 25+ exchanges, and more.
Executive summary:
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