Adds Akropolis, Polkadot Ecological DeFi Project


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Since late November, the DeFi revenue aggregation agreement (YFI) has successively merged with DeFi projects such as Cover and Pickle, and has reached a cooperation with Cream. Currently, has once again announced its partnership with Akropolis, the Polkadot ecological DeFi project.

In the above merged project with Year, Cover and Pickle come from different tracks. Cover focuses on DeFi insurance, while Pickle focuses on farming income. By merging with Cover and Pickle, Year integrates development resources and expands the exploration of insurance directions.

Specifically, the Yearn development team will merge with the Pickle development team, and the two will cooperate to distribute a new token, CORNICHON, to users who were victims of the Pickle attack. It should be noted that “the two are still independent brands, but the development resources are integrated.”

In the merger with Cover, founder Andre Cronje revealed that the merger of the two will help developers optimize, enhance and expand the insurance work already in progress. Yearn’s lP is by default participating in Cover’s perpetual insurance. (Note: Cover is also involved in the payment of the Pickle attack. It is a new project launched in mid-November. The governance token COVER was officially released on the 20th. It currently supports Curve, Aave, Balancer, SushiSwap, and Wait for 10 DeFi agreements)

In the project to reach a cooperative relationship, the development team of Year and Cream will cooperate to launch Cream v2, this new version will increase the rate of return through leverage. Regarding the Polkadot ecological DeFi project Akropolis, Year will also integrate development resources with it, and the project can access Year, Pickle and Cream protocols.

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It should be noted that in the cooperation with Akropolis, the project can help Yearn extend its influence to institutional clients. According to Andre Cronje, Yearn will continue to develop first-class Vault and loan agreement solutions, and Akropolis will become a front-end agency service provider, providing customized customer network access services, and tailoring investment strategies for customers.

Judging from the recent actions of, the merger carried out by this project is not a traditional “two into one”, but rather a “symbiotic relationship” that complements each other. Speaking of recent merger events, Year.Finance founder Andre Cronje commented, “This is a new thing different from the past, which can be collaborative and symbiotic while maintaining individuality.”