YGGDRASH Announces the Establishment of YGGDRASH Incubation Center and Sharing Cryptocurrency Exchange, DEXRADE


SEOUL, KOREA- YGGDRASH, the 3rd generation trust-based multi-dimensional blockchain platform, strengthen its ecosystem with the introduction of a cryptocurrency exchange and an incubation center.

YGGDRASH arranged a community meet-up called “YEED-UP” at Shin-nonhyeon Culturelab Lounge in Seoul, Korea on November 23, 2018.

Over 100 members from diverse blockchain organizations and companies joined the event. YEED-UP prepared various channels of communication for each event of the meetup.

Beginning with CEO David Seo welcoming speech and the project’s introduction, the first half of the meetup was announced by CTO Peter Ryu and COO Ayden Kim. It focused on the introduction of new projects on the YGGDRASH ecosystem. The YGGDRASH project announced progress on development sprints, the official launching of the YGGDRASH Incubation Center, and also the launch of YGGDRASH’s revenue sharing cryptocurrency exchange, DEXRADE.

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