YST excellent ecology-the world’s first ecological mining APP will be launched soon! ! !


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Since 2017, financial technology represented by blockchain has been surging globally. One of the most eye-catching is that this year is driven by blockchain technology, supported by a decentralized wallet + digital payment + online shopping mall + supply chain finance and other integrated business ecology, and continued to feed back technological innovation. YST in cyclic mode.

You Eco YST is based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol to issue a globally circulated encrypted digital currency, with a total issuance of 1 billion.

YST is the only value token jointly created by members of the YST Foundation. It connects the ecosystem and is the cornerstone of community governance and an important hub supporting the ecosystem. It is used in payment scenarios, financial services, social networking, shopping malls, and live broadcasts in the YST ecosystem. Games, advertising business, etc. all consumption.

YST launches a community value system of “everyone participates, everyone benefits”, builds a value ecological platform for the whole people, integrates into the “token economy” and establishes a consensus pool of user “traffic” through platform value services, allowing every user to participate in the platform The construction and development of the YST ecosystem will be connected to a super traffic portal in the blockchain era, and a new intelligent ecosystem for the purpose of blockchain application landing.

YST holders enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the entire YST ecosystem, allowing every user to participate in the construction and development of the platform, and jointly build the YST ecosystem.

1. You Eco YST Mall:

Create a “social + blockchain + mall + offline merchants” ecology, connect brand merchants upstream, and connect social traffic portals downstream,

Build strategic products of social e-commerce + offline merchants to realize the value of mobile social traffic,

Develop online and offline O2O. B2C. new retail business and achieve rapid growth in order volume and user volume,

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Enhance users’ enthusiasm for participation by joining groups, allowing consumers to share and spread themselves.

Create a high-quality user experience and provide users with more scene-oriented convenient services.

2. You Eco YST live video:

Support teaching live broadcast, program live broadcast, e-commerce live broadcast, and show live broadcast

Support chat, barrage, support mute, kick out, set administrator,

A variety of beauty algorithms, super fast, high-definition video quality,

Support the creation of live broadcast rooms to interact with friends and fans in real time.

The room can support tens of thousands of people to watch the live broadcast, support the anchor to like and give gifts,

Multi-player video live broadcasts, the live broadcast room rewards the ecological currency YST.YS.YT, and continuously improves the user experience.

3. Excellent ecological YST social software:

Support the interaction of tens of thousands of people, rich permissions and management functions,

A large number of popular communities actively join, invite to join, kick out friends, and mute the peak.

Group avatar setting, group announcement reminder, group sharing file, group attrition notice,

Display the number of people who have read, allow management members to initiate lectures, and allow ordinary members to upload files.

All members are muted, members are muted, members are forbidden to chat privately, copy fresh with one click, and disband groups with one click.

Support text, picture, emoticon, voice, video. Location, business cards, documents, red envelopes, etc.

Input status display, message withdrawal, friends batch group messages, files, pictures. voice,

Reading is burned, messages are automatically destroyed when they expire, and messages are encrypted for transmission to ensure privacy.

Message delivery, check what has been read, poke reminder, check friends online time.

You ecological YST red envelope, transfer money, let the digital assets circulate.

4. Nearby merchants under the YST line:

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Moments can send voice, video, support likes, comments and favorites, push,

By default, the nearby people are displayed according to the distance, making social life more interesting.

Nearby offline businesses, food, clothing, housing, transportation, eating, drinking and having fun, make life richer and more convenient.

Share the circle of friends, spread, and show yourself, connect, share, and communicate with friends.

5. Excellent ecology YST financial ecology:

Committed to serving global payment scenarios for traffic portals through the field of blockchain technology innovation,

Provide customers with comprehensive, safe, convenient and professional asset management and value-added services in the digital currency field. The business covers stocks, foreign exchange, futures, mining pools, investments, banks, insurance trusts, investment management and wealth management in the digital currency field.

Realize the epoch-making sweep payment, cross-domain Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, and other payment functions,

It perfectly solves offline consumption of digital currency and online shopping transfer, so that digital currency can reach a consensus, circulation, application, and healthy development of the financial ecology in all aspects.

Create a high-quality user experience and provide users with more scenario-based ecological and convenient services.

6. Excellent ecological entertainment games:

Build a blockchain game aggregation platform through social media. Collection of massive games online entertainment,

Decentralized game platform, using smart contracts to ensure game fairness,

Create a blockchain entertainment sharing community and become an interconnected ecological chain of entertainment industry created by value innovation,

Massive game online entertainment, payment of ecological currency payment, recharge and withdrawal,

Blockchain games include the following types, strategy games, casual games, and gambling games.

7 excellent ecology YST media ecology:

Vertical blockchain application ecology, connecting the largest traffic entrance of DAPP influencers,

Massive downloads of popular apps, providing one-stop service from information to downloads,

Real-time updates of information and market, in-depth analysis of projects, discovering the investment value of digital currency,

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Digital currency information index of the whole network, evaluation and display of 100 dimensions of global digital currency,

Popularize blockchain knowledge. Help users discover value pools and avoid investment blind spots.

Advantages of YST:

1: Private chat: Decentralized deployment, encrypted communication, burned after reading, to ensure user privacy and security,

2: Massive communities: A community of ten thousand people can chat anytime and anywhere, allowing learning to share, increasing interactivity, increasing user activity and enhancing user stickiness

3: Global interconnection: global multi-node coverage, providing multiple data centers, physical coverage, and realizing global users to access physical nodes nearby

4: Sharing interface: Provides a highly open API. SDK interface design supports multi-service integration, embeds more blockchain DAPP games or application portals, enriches social life, and attracts traffic to the application ecosystem.

5: Computing power mining: launch a community value system of “everyone participates, everyone benefits”, build a social platform of value for all people, integrate into the “token economy” launch an “ecology is mining model” and establish users through value services The “flow” consensus pool realizes a super flow entrance in the era of blockchain.

YST is the first blockchain social multi-dimensional integrated intelligent ecosystem, consensus, application, circulation, value.

Vision: YST is based on the blockchain + diversified ecological platform, builds a value Internet system, creates a blockchain traffic portal, introduces third-party content and service providers through the You Eco platform, builds a global application ecosystem, and protects the global ecosystem Enthusiasts provide one-stop services covering digital payment, financial services, market information, content creation, video conferencing, live interaction, online and offline e-commerce, games, entertainment, convenience services and many other blockchain fields, activating trillions of scale The flow of digital assets realizes a new intelligent ecosystem for the purpose of implementing blockchain applications.