Asia Blockchain Community Meets Cloudname “Domain Trading and Tokenization”


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1) Welcome to ABC. For starters, please tell us more about yourself and then about your core team members.

My name is Leonardo, I’m SMM of Cloudname and domain trading enthusiast! I’m a digital data expert (more commonly known as Data nerd) and market researcher. I love innovation and that’s why meeting the world of crypto was so natural to me: I’ve known the world of domain investing for a few years and it has always intrigued me because it highlights the great power of “names” in our society. In fact, today the biggest businesses in the world use the web as a showcase, and every website must display the name of the company in the simplest, clearest and most elegant way possible. So domain names investing seemed to me a really good opportunity.

And I am Matthias, working as Junior Marketing Associate for Cloudname. Our founder, Davide V. inspired me to dive into it and now I am convinced of the huge potential crypto- and domain trading has. It feels great to be part of the fast development in this area! Hello Synapse Community!

Our team is composed of dedicated and trustworthy professionals: Our CEO and Co-founder Davide V. comes from Switzerland and is in crypto since 2016 – someone perhaps knows Amun and 21Shares, he was there since the beginning and now rocking with Cloudname (I think I’ve told you enough about him already lol!)! All of our team members have been working successfully in VC, banks, crypto and tech companies for years, most of us in Switzerland, and it’s great to find so much experience concentrated in one small company. For example, our Data Officer & Co-founder Francesco A. (also Swiss) has worked for IBM and ConsenSys.

Personally, I jumped on board Cloudname a year ago, because I realized that the project was very promising, but most importantly, that the world of domains is super cool and there’s really a chance for so many people to make money!

2) What is Cloudname? What is special about the project?

“Cloudname users can: Register new, or trade already owned domains, both traditional and blockchain domains

Tokenize and fractionalise domain names with ERC-20 tokens

Receive passive income from your domain portfolio

Discover a huge plethora of analytics to spot future market trends

Price accurately your domains thanks to our domain live price algorithm

Win super cool domains in our lotteries

Receive discounts on fees and transactions

The uniqueness of Cloudname resides in its deep connection with the $CNAME utility token. CNAME token is a Utility token allowing users to advance levels platform. Users simply need to hold CNAME tokens in their Metamask wallet to gain access to advanced tools such as Fee discounts, transactions discounts, trend prediction AI autopilot and more. To explain it simply, the $CNAME token allows domains to be tokenized or fractionalized: what does that mean? It means that if, for example, there is a domain that costs 500,000 USD, anyone can split it into 1,000 parts and buy one part. The fractionalisation process basically allows anyone to access domains that would otherwise be too expensive. Imagine as if a domain were a corporation and you acquired a stake in it! In addition, $CNAME lends itself to being traded, bought and resold!

3) How does your tokenization work? Can you verbally tell us the steps?

To tokenize a traditional domain Cloudname becomes an Oracle in the blockchain. Traditional domain is parked to Cloudname by transferring the ownership. Cloudname issues a certificate in the blockchain that says WHO is the owner. When the owner requests to tokenize it, Cloudname issues a specific ERC-20 governance token for the domain and sets the token as the owner of the domain. Based on the holding of the token the different users become the fractalized owners of the tokenized domain.

4) The ability to fracctionalize or rent domain is cool. Does the owner of the domain need to transfer the domain to your care or custody?

Yes, the owner needs to transfer the domain to our custody.

5) What is your marketing plan like for the next 2 months?

We focus on the performance goal to increase the number of registrations to our platform. At the same time, we focus on awareness goals related to $CNAME trading. We use different marketing actions (PR, social, communities, SEO & Adv) around all Regions in the world.

6) What is your listing strategy?

We are pre-selling CNAME token on 3 different launchpad events. Starting from Polkabridge on the 20th of February, to the 21st on Dodo and Synapse. After the launchpad events end, there will be the IDO on the 22nd, on Pancake and on Dodo (BSC Network).

7) Who are your current partners?

First of all, I have to be honest with you. In my experiences prior to Cloudname, I had a misconception about partners. I thought that partners just wanted to make money on projects and that their role was mostly passive as an observer.

Then with Cloudname, the turning point. We have found partners (and they have found us) who are really smart, who actively participate in our growth and who believe in the potential of the project. They have invested large sums of money but they also give us a boost thanks to their experience.

Here’s an overview of some of our partners. It’s a pleasure to work with them and get so much positive feedback and trust. You might know some of our partners as exchange platforms, VC and banks, they support us to finance and develop our project as well as to make it known throughout the crypto world. Our partners have a lot of experience in the world of secure and profitable investments in innovation, DeFi, and also in traditional businesses.

In our calls with partners, we often say the word “revolution”: this is because what makes Cloudname unique is precisely the set of elements I described above: Cloudname turns the world of domain trading upside down, bringing a business made only for people with lots of money to everyone, experienced traders and newbies alike. The features, the user experience of the platform, the $CNAME token and the passion that our team spends every day make us unique!

But yes, if you ask me to find a word that explains the uniqueness of Cloudname I will say “Need Satisfied”: yes, because Cloudname satisfies the real needs of people. With us, people are free to manage their investments in a safe, innovative and profitable way without having to be professionals.

8) What is the main feature of your token?

It’s a platform token for a fee discount. Users that own CNAME can use specific features inside the Cloudname Platform to access analytics, fractionalize domains, trade them in the marketplace and have lower fees on multiple operations.

9) I understand your token is a ERC-20 Token, wrapped in Polygon. Why ETH?

We didn’t choose ETH. We have chosen Polygon which is an L2 on Ethereum allowing a secure blockchain with high transaction performance and low fees.

10) Share an inspiring quote to wow us and any final words?

Cloudname meets real needs of people. And it does so through the unwavering commitment of a passionate, transparent and knowledgeable team. Cloudname is made by people, for people.

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