Asia Blockchain Community Meets Lady Uni “Governance, Gaming, Web 3, NFTs, Metaverse Welcome to the Luniverse!”


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1) Hi Ladyuni, give an introduction about your team. 

We are a team of 4 main devs that have a bank of experience working in both the BSC and ETH. We have worked on small and big projects. This is our humble team:

Uni Dreads, Marketing Manager

Uni Morgan, Solidity Dev

Uni Pegaso, Gaming Dev

Uni Madison, Art Director

2) What is Ladyuni about?

Lady Uni ($LUNI) is the start of something much bigger than a token. It marks the first building blocks of the Luniverse. The Luniverse involves multiple things: Lady Uni ($LUNI), Lunicorns (NFTs), Astrolady (Lady Uni travelling to the metaverse), Luni Park (Multiplayer Metaverse Game).

$LUNI is a BEP20 token, a cryptocurrency token that is developed from the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain platform. Therefore, it is named after its native blockchain platform as BEP20 token, which is now trending in the global market mainly in the DeFi platform. BEP20 token is used in DeFi protocol like PancakeSwap and others.
The main pros of Binance Smart Chain:
  • Compatibility with EVM;
  • Interoperability with Binance Chain;
  • Support of Smart Contracts and dApps;
  • Swaps between BEP-2 and BEP-8 Tokens for BEP-20 tokens;
  • Cross-chain communications and transactions.

3) How are you utilising blockchain technology to build the next generation of platform that connects investors with developers and influencers with projects? Please tell me more.

We decided to build our start on BSC. It is a good blockchain with very good fees. This allows almost every investor a cheaper in ramp into investing in smaller projects.

We aim to build a full P2E metaverse space, this will interact with the blockchain, and we hope to be multichain by then.

4) What is your tokenomics like? Why 50% burn and when will that take place?

How supply is distributed?
50% Burn
8% Marketing
4% Treasury
38% Liquidity pool on pancake swap

Buy and Sell fees
5% Liquidity pool
5% Marketing

50% was at launch, burns are highly attractive in the current BSC space and made us instantly attractive.

5) Walk me through your marketing plans for the next 3 months?

In the next 3 months, we are looking to drop utility. With the metaverse space leading the charge. This is what the project revolves around and will be a very exciting journey!

6) What is your product and technology roadmap like? In phase 1 it talks about your BSC NFT release, have you started this process yet?

There was such demand at launch, we actually decided to launch the NFTs an hour before launch. The NFTs have been a central point of our community!

Let me take this chance to walk you through all the phases too.

  • Phase 1
    Website launch
    Extensive white paper release
    Luni Gang telegram community building
    Airdrop bot
    Token launch
    BSC NFT Collection release
    Get on coin listing apps (CoinSniper, CoinHunt, CoinMooner etc)
    Trending CMS’s
    Daily influencers & YouTubers
    Running daily prize draws
    Running daily contests
  • Phase 1-2
    Poocoin Ads
    Solidity Audit
    CoinGecko listing
    CoinMarketCap listing
    Mass marketing
  • Phase 2
    ETH Launch
    Upgraded NFT’s
    Mass marketing with major trending defi articles
    Minor CEX Exchanges listing
    Begin Gaming App
    E-commerce store
    Dapp Swap
  • Phase 2-2
    Dapp Swap, with staking vaults
    Major CEX Exchanges listing
    Release of Gaming App

7) Where are your core revenue be coming from? What other streams of revenue should we expect in the near future?

Our core revenue as a team will come from the game. Core revenue for investors is likely to be the game too, with the P2E aspect and the Mary place aspect.

8) How does your listing plan look like?

We are listed currently on CG/CMC and are definitely open to exploring other DEX/CEX other than Pancake in future.

9) What part in the metaverse will you guys be doing when it comes to the gaming side of things?

The tokens main utility is the metaverse space we are building. We are aiming to grow this outwards and for it to become self-sustainable. A life away from a life where anything is possible and the story is written by the players. A space where you can work, build, communicate and earn.

10) Leave us your favourite quote to remember you by, please?

We are launching a journey, not just a token.

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