AMA Series with Mike, CEO of Son of Doge “Hyper Deflationary Meme Token Which Grows In Your Wallet Just By Holding”


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1) Son of Doge, welcome to Asia Blockchain Community. First of all, can you give an introduction of yourself and your team. Tell us about your background too.

My name is Mike AKA Big Mike I am the CEO of SOD, I have worked on many projects in the crypto space over the last year. I am knowledgeable in contract development and blockchain technology as a whole. We have an excellent team, and we are building as if we are already a billion-dollar project, as that is where we will be in 2022, so why wait?! The team members have worked on Marketing, Design, Business Development, Videography and Operations across multiple multimillion-dollar projects.

2) What is the “Son of Doge”?

Son Of Dogev2 first and foremost is a community-driven project with the sole task of protecting the community, this is achieved by providing a safe environment for all. We aim to be an integral component of the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) stack of applications.

3) We did find out through your telegram that you are going through a relaunch or v2 can you tell us what happened, or any information any future holders might need to know?

We decided to relaunch for a number of reasons. Such as our original founder selling, along with our designer, social media manager, publicist and voice moderator. Our entire vision for Son of Doge is built on honesty, safety and transparency, so we needed to cut ties with these team members and rebuild our community trust.

There were also multiple errors in the original contract. So these are being fixed to ensure a great Certik score, along with easier applications for Tier 1 Centralised Exchanges.

All team tokens will be vested, as we are here for the long term, and to make it as easy as possible we will airdrop the tokens directly to all holders.

4) Walk us through your tokenomics. What is unique about it?

Tokenomics will be 6% marketing and 2% reflections buy and sell.

Once we hit a certain market cap TBA we will drop the 2% reflections so taxes will be 6% buy and sell. This will make large exchange listings easier.

The marketing wallet will be utilised for product development, marketing, utility and use cases. And all payments will be trackable for the community or potential investors at any time.

5) Can you share with us your marketing plans for the next 1-2 months?

In regards to the Son of Doge v2 marketing plan. We have multiple avenues that we will be exploring over the initial 1-2 months. But every aspect will be community-driven, meaning that we will be holding polls to see what the holders and the community want to see, and if it is viable, and offers a good ROI then we will be utilising it. I do not want to share too much detail, as things can change quickly in the crypto space, and also people have eyes on us and ideas can be stolen.

We will be commencing mass marketing in Asia, UAE, USA and Europe, taking over each area as we do and building the strongest communities in the BSC while we are doing it. Geographically targeted marketing will be my main focus initially.

Once we start listing on CEXs and our token become more easily accessible, that opens our options up and more traditional marketing will commence along with multiple guerrilla strategies.

I truly have too much planned to list, plus I like to keep my tricks close to my chest. But all I can say is that we will be doing things differently. I don’t like to copy ideas, I like to be the first, the one who paved the path, not the one who walks on it.

6) Can we know more about your NFT exchange?

We will have very rare three tiers of NFT’s. These NFT will be unique SOD NFT’s those holders can purchase to hold, trade, sell or use in our own Decentralized NFT Marketplace website. We will also create an App for Apple and Android users.

7) What about ‘Doge Security Checker’? What does it do for your ecosystem?

The Whale Watcher App is to help users new and old to crypto track whale wallets that hold $1 million in BNB or more and to send alerts when the whales move a large portion of their BNB into any project and inform our users what project they are investing in or which ones are manipulating charts.

8) What are your listing plans like?

CMC and CG will be applied immediately from launch, then apply to Okex and Lbank to start then get onto larger exchanges like Kucoin, and in near future Binance

9) Can you tell us your plans in South East Asia?

Our plans for South East Asia are huge, as we want to be the first crypto project that truly listens to our Asian community, and therefore becomes a household name throughout these regions. We will be hiring team members based in this geographical location to ensure we are hearing the voices of our amazing Asian community.

From day one of V1, I knew how loyal, how passionate and how amazing the South East Asian community is. That is why it is such a pivotal part of our marketing plan and our overall business growth. I also knew that quite often these communities are underappreciated. That will never be the case with Son of Doge, as we are all 1 big family!

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community members.

The Son Of Doge is ready to brave the world and start his own journey to become as big as his father. Hold $SOD and automatically receive reflections in rewards.

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