Exclusive Interview with ChainCade “The Arcade of the Future”


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1001) Welcome to ABC and thanks for coming by our humble community. Please tell us more about yourself and the core team.

Matt – Project creator and lead. Long time crypto enthusiast and investor with years in the space. Motivated to make a long term, a sustainable project to benefit everyone involved, from players to creators. Favourite Game (not on ChainCade): Super Mario Bros.

Vishal – Lead developer and Head game designer. Young, ambitious, and dedicated to the community and creating engaging games. The mad scientist of ChainCade. Favourite Game (not on ChainCade): Call of Duty

Sean – Operations manager, Art coordinator, and resident geek historian. Lifelong gamer and lover of all things nerdy, striving to bring authenticity and fun to the project. Favourite Game (not on ChainCade): Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past

Shane – Community Manager. Participated in numerous communities across the NFT and crypto space. Always engaged and fascinated with meeting new people and learning more about the space. Favorite game (not on ChainCade): Tetris

Pino – Marketing & Outreach. Former boxer turned crypto lover.

2) What is ChainCade all about? What is the purpose of the project?

To develop a one-of-a-kind blockchain gaming ecosystem to benefit players and creators. Open, sustainable, and most importantly, fun and rewarding for everyone.
Using an innovative combination of Blockchain, SDKs, VR, mobile apps, and NFTs, our full-scale ecosystem provides a robust and sustainable platform for players and creators alike.

3) Can you tell us more about your tokenomics?

10% Tax on Transactions
Using DeFi protocols, the tax on transactions is used to benefit the longevity of the project and further progress towards its goals.

The Tax (Tokenomics) breaks down as follows:

4% Holder Redistribution
Every holder of ChainCade token earns passive rewards through static reflection, no staking required. The burn address also receives the redistribution, acting as a deflationary mechanism and decreasing the total supply over time.

2% Automatic LP
Every trade also contributes toward automatically generating DeFi liquidity, benefiting investors by creating a stable price floor thus decreasing the impact of large sell-offs.

4% Gamer’s Wallet
Our gamers wallet was designed with further development and growth in mind and will fund our gaming rewards, developer program, giveaways, and more.

4) How does ‘The Arcade’ work? What are the key features on it?

ChainCade hosts games made in house and by Indie developers in it’s arcade as seen on , All games have a guest mode for those who just want to enjoy the games, and a competitive mode where you login using your ChainCade account and earn tickets and XP for playing games.

Apart from ChainCade’s own arcade, ChainCade will be providing an arcade hosting service to its top holders, enabling them to have their own arcades, buy games from Indie game developers and put them on their dedicated arcade page (just like ChainCade has its own arcade page on

Arcade owners will be able to decide how much they wanna reward their players if they wanna have their games free to play or premium. Basically, ChainCade will power their Arcade that will be based on the ChainCade token, increasing its utility to a global scale.

5) What is ‘Virtual hangouts’? Is it a metaverse? What is your unique selling point?

Virtual hangouts are 3D spaces where players can meet each other by taking the form of their virtual avatars and playing games, watching movies together, showing off their NFTs and many more community-building activities. It is a creator empowering metaverse, for example, hangout owners will buy poster NFTs from our artists to make their hangout stand out and pursue players to join their hangout instead of others’, music composers can sell their Music for the in hangout jukebox

6) I read that you have a developer incubator and CadeCollab for creators. How do you envision that to work in your ecosystem?

CadeCollab and the Developer Incubator will allow the project to expand far beyond what the core team or anyone team could possibly do. By opening up the ecosystem to all, using governance tools (DAO), blockchain and NFTs, we can create a platform that can benefit all those involved. The Developer Incubator will allow designers to showcase their work, generate startup/development funds, and ensure trust with players and supporters. CadeCollab is a collaboration platform for creators, geared towards the game development cycle, as well as giving artists, designers, musicians and more a direct route to team and developers, and thus a revenue stream. These tools will all be tied together with the rest of the project, bringing the ecosystem full circle.

7) You have a very exciting product line from lucky boxes to levelling up ranks. What does your marketing strategy look like?

Our marketing strategy is a bit more focused on the networking aspect of product promotion. We feel that focused outreach to ama communities of crypto & gaming enthusiasts and partnerships with other brands similar to ours will be the most effective method of growth for our product and community. One specific way we will be moving forward with the partnership outreach is we plan to reach out to other gaming NFT projects, and offer their NFT’s within our lootboxes to be won for the community members.

8) What are your thoughts on listings? Will you be aiming for the sky or step by step, from DEX to the bigger CEX?

As a team, we have not come to the conclusion that we need a listing at this very moment, however, we are looking into listing options for the near future. We want to take our time, develop our product and ground floor community first, before pursuing any kinds of listings. We will follow a structured path when it comes to listing, starting off with smaller CEX/DEX listings, and moving up from there. We will aim to take the best opportunities that come to us, such as CEX looking to accommodate our tokenomics, or a DEX should they present themselves to us.

9) Tell us about your NFTs- Arcade, Founder’s and ChainCaders’ edition.

Arcade Edition NFTs are arcade prize themed NFTs, just like everyone used to trade tickets to win. Some rare versions may give a boost in certain games if players are holding it, and they’ll all have a purpose in the future in personal arcades. Arcade Edition NFTs are won by using tickets won playing games to open up Lucky Boxes.

Founder’s Edition NFTs are a set of 99 unique, “Arcade Cabinet” NFTs representing our first two games, MoonWar and Chain Man, along with a third ChainCade theme cabinet, offering exclusive and VIP benefits to holders. Benefits include early access to game releases, exclusive airdrops, 100 free tickets a Day, no Cost Access to Tournaments, founders chat with Chaincade team, passive ticket earning from hangouts, energy point bonus, access to governance, access to VIP lotteries, early access to videos, comics & content, Discord VIP Room and more to come…

ChainCaders are a set of 5,000 unique & randomly generated NFTs representing The CainCaders. Offering many unique utilities and becoming a customizable avatar in the Retroverse.

“Arbiters and defenders of all things fun and games in the future, the Retroverse at first glance is a dystopian future covered in long days of dark and urban cyberpunk sprawl. Meanwhile, hidden in their bright, screen and neon-lit hangouts, the ChainCaders fight the dull days (and even more nefarious foes) with the fun and life of the once-forgotten Arcade scene.”

Holding a ChainCader enables a custom avatar in Hangouts and throughout the Retroverse, exclusive airdrops, no-cost access to tournaments, energy point bonus, discord ChainCader room, and access to opening a Public Hangout.

10) Share an inspiring quote that is dear to your heart.

Matt – “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Vishal – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

Sean – “Forgiveness Is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza” – Michelangelo

Shane – “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” – Margaret J Wheatley



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