Interview MetaKawn “New metaverse inspired by modern Muslims”


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1) Welcome to Asia Blockchain Community. Thanks for coming by. Can you give an introduction of yourself and your team? Love to know your experiences, education and anything else you can share about yourself.

Othmane: I’ve launched many companies in different fields:
– Agro-industry: Seafood factory and we export to Europe
– Ethical Fashion: Baby leather shoes and it’s called HOB
– Fitness: Leader in morocco for Personal Training Studios + Education Provider for Personal Trainers partnering with World Leader: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Youssef: Marketing & communication expert, worked with some of the biggest communication groups in the world Omnicom, WPP and founded Madcom affiliate of Havas worldwide the 5th biggest advertising Network in the world (+100 000 people in more than 120 Countries). One of the main focuses with brands such as Mcdonald’s was to help them put in place the Halal process, get certification in Morocco and create all the education and communication around it.

We have many advisors, Zak el Fassi, one of our closest ones, is our tech Advisor who has more than 10 years of experience in Big Tech Companies. He worked at Google and at Meta (Facebook) as head of partnerships in MENA & Africa.

We also have Patrick Chassany, one of the pioneers French tech entrepreneurs, co-founder of and many other startups.

We count on an amazing Team of Design Artists. Our Top 5 artists worked on the Huffaz NFT Collection Mehdi, Achraf, Abdellah, Hassan & Oussama

We have 10 people working full time on Marketing and Project Development.

2) What is METAKAWN?

We are convinced that there won’t be a single leading metaverse but a plethora of them, each dedicated to a specific community. We are lucky enough to have grown in a Muslim, open-minded environment where all cultures coexist and we see all the fascinating talents emerging from the community.

Based on this, we aim to build the First Metaverse inspired by #ModernMuslims, for those who share the same values. We aim to bridge the gap between #ModernMuslim creators and their audiences.

The first interesting aspect of this project is how we are approaching it. The MetaKawn Huffaz Club and the utilities it will hold is very meaningful. The narrative behind it is beautiful to explore.

3) Do you have tokenomics for $KWN? Walk us through it.

$KAWN token is the utility coin that will be used within The MetaKawn ecosystem for transactions and interactions. It will comply with Islamic Finance rules and principles regarding currency use and utility.

The following use cases will be available to KAWN Citizen as a use case

Transaction: Kawn Citizen could potentially earn $KAWN through gameplay. The token can be spent within MetaKawn to buy equipment, customize Avatar characters, or purchase new equipment. $KAWN can be used to buy ASSETS and ARADI by creators. Artists have the option to spend $KAWN to upload ASSETS and ARADI to the Kawn Makers (Market Place).

Governance – $KAWN allows holders of $KAWN to take part in governance decisions. $KAWN owners have the option to vote for themselves, or they can delegate voting rights and vote for other Kawn citizens.

Token Staking: Users have the option to stake $KAWN tokens and earn rewards

4) How is MetaKawn Huffaz Club beneficial to your members? What can your Genesis NFT do?

We, on the MetaKawn Team, envision scribe the holy Quran in the blockchain.

The total number of avatars in the MetaKawn Huffaz Club is 6.348, corresponding to the sum of Ayats in the Quran. For every Huffaz NFT, one Aya will be dropped to its holder by the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan.

The MetaKawn Huffaz Club provides several utilities that will benefit all stakeholders with getting access to exclusive real and/or virtual experiences, which can include being the first to know about the latest news, VIP access to events, premium content, etc. Similarly, the ownership comes with access to special fan communities.

Moreover, our platform will have a governance club where members can vote on brand decisions, have input on which creators and causes are supported by the Kawn Fund, etc. Beyond that, % of royalties from NFT transactions will go to the Kawn Fund in order to support creators in need and other Charity programs.

5) What is the core purpose of the Kawn Academy?

We love welcoming people to the Metaverse and helping everyone on their journey. Our Kawn Academy provides a foundation for getting started as a creator, investor, collector or visitor. Learn about blockchains and NFTs, setting up a wallet and more.

Kawn Academy’s goal is to allow our community and more, to understand simple words, all the topics around the Metaverse.

Lives, Conferences, Educational Videos, Infographics, etc. are coming soon
We are convinced that it’s the role of ALL serious projects to help educate and onboard people to this new technology and the endless possibilities this universe creates.

6) When will you be launching your Metaverse? What are your plans?

We plan to launch our Metaverse later this year, it’s phase 4 on our roadmap.
It will include many NFTs such as Aradi (Lands) where people could build anything they want, they can connect with their favourite artists, launch businesses and much more

7) You have a great lineup of products. What is your marketing strategy for the next 6 months look like?

Indeed, we have a great range of products. As a first step, our Marketing strategy is to build the foundations of the MetaKawn, starting with the community- the MetaKawn Huffaz Club. Because these are the holders that will govern the MetaKawn. At the same time, we are focusing on building all the platforms that will help the community understand our vision and all the details regarding MetaKawn. We Also launched the PR communication with an agency Partner LUNA PR one of the leading agencies in the field. We are also doing many AMAs like today in different parts of the world in order to onboard as many people from the community. Finally, we will soon launch the Kawn Academy to help non initiated people to understand more the principles of Web3: Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies etc

8) Have you started chatting with exchanges? Where will you be listed next?

As answered before, it’s too early to speak about it. We are focusing on the next step which is the new MetaKawn Huffaz Club collection.

With that said, we have many Exchange targets, come of them are worldwide players and other is focusses on specific regions

9) The market is bearish. In your opinion, does the current market situation affect your plans? How do you plan to be different and “shine brightly” in these times?

MetaKawn is a long-term vision.

There are ups and downs in any market, but if we take a long term view, we won’t be affected.

Our strength comes too from our specific community, which is a strong one around the globe, modern Muslims are shining and impacting positively many fields, we need to rewrite their stories and brighten the narrative behind them.

Also, the opportunities offered by blockchain and metaverse are numerous to creators, which will be continuously enriching.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our community.

“East, west, south, or north makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond”. Shams of Tabriz

To the Kawn!

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