Interviews Ashley Sansalonem, Dev of Elon Goat ““If something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour”


1) Greetings Elongoat, can you tell us about your team as well as your experience in the cryptocurrency market?

We have a dev team of 8 (3 doxed), and a support staff of close to 20 now. We are very strong behind the scenes and managed to sell out 1400 BNB private and presale spots with no marketing. Major players with a lot of pull with those who move crypto markets. Our Dev managing the smart contract is doxed and runs a successful token project in the 30mm mc range now.

2) Tell us more about Elongoat. What is your unique selling point?

We have an all-star dev team and world-renowned artists creating a $500,000.00 masterpiece as an anchor to the token. Our concept is first in space and we are proud to be a trendsetter. There is no other project like this in the world.

3) Can you go through your tokenonomics for your project so everyone viewing can have a good understanding of them?

12% sell tax

3% LP

3% Development (monument)

2% Marketing

2% Reflections

2% Buyback


10 Billion Total Supply

5 Billion Private and Presale (will be adjusted slightly for the increase in presale HC

1.5 Billion LP

500 Million Marketing Wallet

Ashley Sansalone, [29/12/2021 5:50 PM]
2 Billion Burn at Launch

1 Billion Burn Wallet

4) What kind of marketing activities will you be conducting for the next 3 months?

Our Monument build is a massive marketing plan on social media. Touring the monument and taking it to Tesla in Texas USA to gift Elon Musk is a major part of our marketing. Standard crypto marketing practices will still be implemented.

5) Can you tell us more about your technology and product roadmap?

Our technology is viral marketing through a unique value proposition. Impressing the market is the mission behind our Meme Token. We are doing something nobody else has ever done that will surely catch the eye of Elon Musk. Innovating ideas cutting edge ideas are abundant in this group of devs.

6) Many projects did not plan well for their revenue streams. What other income streams do you have apart from those generated from tokenomics?

We have already funded US$200k to start our monument build. Our launch will be huge and fully fund our monument. Further marketing from launch funds, as well as new ideas yet to be released, will fuel trade activity and new initiatives.

Our monument build-out in itself is eye-catching and done to an extent that the world will get behind us. We anticipate mainstream media coverage as the project build nears completion.

NFT drop 1 is month 2 after launch and will bring additional revenue streams. All original art and the concept will be the placement of Elon GOAT renderings in places each country is proud of. National pride and its relation to crypto will be at the forefront of this entire project and particularly highlighted in the NFT drops.

7. Share with us your listing plans.

This is our plan:

Coin Marketcap

Coin Gecko


Pancake Swap


Lbank Exchange

Hotbit Exchange

8. In Phase 3 we noticed plans for structuring a DAO. Can you explain more about this?

Our goal is to create a DAO based on the wishes of Elon. This statement is ambitious and yet to be proven as viable, whoever we plan to mould it around Elon’s ventures and things that are closest to his heart.

This may include educational tools available online, supporting entrepreneurs and furthering technology projects.

9) What plans do you have for Asia? Will you be expanding your business into this region?

Asia already has a huge part of EGT from its inception. Our private sale started with many core members from the Philippines. We have already done a small fundraiser for a dev on the team that lost his home in the typhoon. We believe that a BSC token broadens access to these markets and we are working hard to gain the trust of all Asian markets including India. We plan to take the Elon GOAT monument on an Asian tour, with its first stop in the Philippines as this country is closest to our hearts and much in need of global support at the moment.

10) To end off this segment, can I request a quote that we can all remember you by in the future?

Yes please do. Our favourite quote is actually one of Elon’s.

“If something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour” Elon Musk

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