Interviews DiamondQ “The ‘Q’ contract aims to flip the script on crypto”


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1) Greetings from Asia Blockchain Community. Can you give an introduction of yourself? Tell us about your team too.

I’m HizzleDev and I have worked in crypto full-time for over a year. We also have Hugh, Adam, Greg and Curtis all of who have worked on separate and some collaborative projects. We have all come together in the past few months to bring this project to life!

2) What is DiamondQ? Why this name? What problem are you trying to solve?

DiamondQ aims to solve the problem that plagues BSC and ETH, which is namely “buy the rumour, sell the news”. It is too often the case that those that “diamond hand” and believe in the project aren’t actually the ones that are rewarded but are punished. DiamondQ flips the script on this. That’s where the “Diamond” portion of the name comes from. The “Q” was originally “Quarantine” due to the tax rate decreasing for an individual over time, we then realised that was a horrible name so only the “Q” survived.

3) Can I know more about your tokenomics? What is special about it?

We have created a contract with tokenomics that affect an individual rather than a project. Each time tokens are bought they are tracked by the contract; when you come to sell these tokens, the tax rate is dependent on how long you held them for. In short: the longer you hold, the less tax you pay. The additionally taxed tokens if selling early are burned, which creates an upwards price pressure as we have seen in our project already. For example, In the first 24 hours after launch, approximately 17% more tokens were sold than were bought and yet the price and market cap was about 30% higher. This is due to the burn on transactions and how the LP is skewed in the holders’ favour. If you hold for long enough, the base increases and you have to pay less tax when you sell. It’s that simple.

4) How does your marketing activities look like for the next 1-2 months?

We have an exchange ladder that we are climbing to reach the likes of Gate.IO and above. We also have Chinese speaking partners for the likes of Weibo, WeChat and BTOK to push further into that market. This is all on top of the usual marketing you could expect to see from a token with a high budget – trending, banner ads across platforms, Reddit presence, call groups etc.

5) Where are your core revenue generator?

The house wallet is where the project funds itself, which means we only make money when there is volume. This should give investors more long term hope as we have an incentive to keep the project alive and not walk away!

6) Can you walk us through your technology and product offering roadmap?

Initially, we are promoting the core foundations of the contract:

1. The longer you hold, the less tax you pay.
2. Burns from paper hands increase the price floor

However, we aim to make a whole diamond hand ecosystem where we plan to reward further. This starts as a lottery where one token entered will equal one entry. If you enter 100 tokens then this would be 100 entries. We are on the lookout for partners in the gaming industry, NFT marketplaces and more in order to find ways how our diamond hands can benefit the most. We have the experience and expertise in order to build this ecosystem, unlike a pipe dream many promises.

7) What is your listing plan like?

We have listed on IndoEx as a first exchange, we are then planning to build our exchange roadmap up around the world until we reach the top of the ladder. We have curated a number of exchanges already that are ready to go and this will be a huge driving force into increasing exposure across all our platforms.

8) Do you have an expansion plan for South East Asia?

We do! As mentioned above, we have contacts with community leaders and influencers across Asia. We intend to push this more in the coming week so we can start to snowball the growth of our international communities.

9) We have seen many ETH bridges that did not work very well. How do you differentiate from others?

The bridge isn’t the problem, it’s the project. We don’t expect there to be astronomical amounts of volume through both chains until we get to the saturation point where people are aware of us. That will allow people to perform arbitrage if they wish and then it’s more eyes on the project thus pushing the price upwards. We want anyone to be able to purchase DiamondQ and we don’t want a specific platform to be a barrier.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our audiences.

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success.

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