Interviews Marcel, Core Team Member of GankPad “A new era in play to earn!”


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1) Greetings and thank you for coming to the Asia Blockchain community. Can you tell us more about yourself and your core team members?

My name is Marcel and I am one of the core team members for I have always had a passion for gaming and when the opportunity for P2Es manifested, I quickly got on it. As an early member of the sphere, I had the chance to see many P2E projects and understand their successes and failures. My core team members and I have since cultivated this passion for the space and wanted to share it with a community, which is why we created GankPad.

2) What is GankPad?

GankPad is a launchpad dedicated to P2E and metaverse projects that distinguish itself by a thorough vetting process performed by the team and a land distribution system on the metaverse.

3) You are the first launchpad to have its own metaverse to help Play to Earn games. Can you tell us more about this and how it differentiates itself from others?

People will be able to hang out on our metaverse like a giant arcade center. Playing quality games with your friends while interacting with them in a versatile and original landscape is something really unique.

4) Can you explain your way of vetting projects to make sure the community you build is potentially protected from scams? We see that you have insurance against scams or rug pulls, can you tell us how this benefits your users?

We manually vet projects to make sure our platform is not only scam-free but also quality. That comes with all the expertise our team has gained within the P2E industry. We will also put together an insurance fund in the very unlikely scenario of having one of GankPad’s featured project being a scam.

5) Can you tell the listeners about your free real estate and how it helps the game to help develop itself?

Every P2E game featured on GankPad will have its specific land on GankVerse, allowing users to play different games on the same platform.

6) We understand that projects can have a staking option on there as well, can you tell us the benefits of having this option? Can you tell us about the three levels of staking and what they provide for a project that is going to be launching in your ecosystem?

Staking provides $GANK rewards and is essential to get allocations in the projects that we feature on GankHub. Every level of staking will have a specific allocation, depending on the number of tokens they have staked.

7) What is your marketing plan moving forward?

We are planning on keeping pushing partnerships with key players in the space as well as continuing having a strong presence on social media. We will work with more marketing professionals in the near future.

8) We see that in your metaverse you have built a 3D environment that allows for immersive gameplay with AI avatars, can you tell our users more about this? We understand that the NFTs will allow staking, can you raise enough $GANK that you can move up in tiering well developing your own game?

As long as our vetting team validates your project, you could totally be featured on GankVerse.

9) What is your listing plan like after launch? Have you already secured any?

We are in discussion with the team about CEXs; discussing what are our best options.

10) Share an inspiring quote with our community members. They always want to learn from the best.

“For a game, you don’t need a teacher.”

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