Interviews HypeQueen, Dev of EarnUSDT “Earning USDT rewards like crazy”


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1) Good evening. Can you tell us more about yourself and your core members?

My name is HypeQueen – I am known in the space for gaining investors Xs and taking down scam projects. I have been in crypto for quite a while now. I was a community manager for a project that went to 28 million. Decided to venture out on my own instead because I was the owner.

After that, I took a project to 6million on day 1 but the actual contract owner/dev didn’t want to continue to push it along so he just let it go and not being the owner there was nothing I could do. I started KittElon and it did 300x since launch and CrogeQueen which did 8000% since launch. These started as low cap degens, both are alive and well!

EarnUSDT is my focus as development and growth depend on it. I am also developing an app much like Crypto dot com where all of my projects will be locked into the home screen. Investors who use the app will be able to connect their wallets and buy/sell both BSC and CRO projects. I am the lead the dev

My Partners are Zen and Ant. They run ZensGems call group. This is their first actual project as owners.

2) What is EarnUSDT? What is special about your project?

EarnUSDT is special because of all ways to earn the passive income – thru the token itself, plus all of our upcoming utilities!

3) Can you walk us through your tokenomics model? Buy, sell and slippage too?

Buy tax is 12% – the breakdown is 6% rewards, 3% marketing, 1% LP, 1% operations and 1% buy backs

Sell tax is 15% – the breakdown is 8% rewards, 4% marketing, 1% LP, 1% operations and 1% buy backs

The slippage is based of volume, network congestion, and token price – the average slippage should be around 18%

4) Where will you be listing next? What are your plans?

Presale is on DXsales and will be listed on Pancake swap and Poocoin

5) How is your marketing strategy like in times like this? Tell us more.

So we have many AMAs including this one, social media promos, some calls, CMS posts and PooCoin ads, this is just for our presale – at launch, we will have a HUGE marketing wallet and plan to hit the ground running and do mass marketing with pr articles, more Poocoin ads, dext trending, and much much more,

6) P2E game is part of your roadmap. What is the game theming like?

Our p2e is a bit out in our roadmap but we will have waging games such as poker or blackjack with NFT integration as well. Players will be able to essentially rent NFTwearables from other players for a small fee which the owner of that specific NFT receives.

7) What is the role of the NFT wearables in your ecosystem?

The role of our wearables is to bring more income to our investors while having fun.

8) What kind of partnerships is in your pipeline?

We are in talks with a few different partnerships, and looking for others. While none of this is 100% set yet, we hope to have our first partnership soon.

9) I know your pre-sale is around the corner. Can give us a preview of what we should expect from this sale?

So our presale is actually starting right now. The SC is 200bnb with a HC is 400bnb. The minimum is 0.1 bnb and max is 4bnb

10) Please tell us an inspiring quote so that our community members can learn from you.

Our Community is Family! I take their safety in the space very seriously.

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