Interviews KIKI (キキ) “The Traveling Cat- Born With Utility With Unlimited Potential”


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1) Good evening from Asia Blockchain Community. Can you introduce yourself, followed by your team, please.

Good evening everybody my name is biggie its so nice to be in here and as for the team let me introduce them to you guys, Our team includes Alex Grape: Main Dev, Shino: Content Creator, Dev, Lead of Ground Charity, Owner of NPO, Natsuki: Non-Crypto side Marketing, PR, Co-Dev, social media, website dev, lead of ground charity of Japan, Nana: lead of KIKI rescue team, vlog crew, lead of ground Charity in China, Mystery IG influencer: First ambassador of KIKI, content creator (NFT 004 and more), lead of ground Charity in Georgia and Florida

2) What is Kiki all about? In your whitepaper you mention that you’re a movement, can you explain this to our listeners?

Far more than an NFT and blockchain project, KIKI is a Movement. Collaborating with Famous Artists, Cosplayers, Instagram Celebrities, Otaku, Charity, and Animal/Pets Influencers, KIKI will not have its community mainly formed by cryptocurrency and NFT investors. The Majority of KIKI’s Community will be illustrators, artists, art fans, animal lovers, Otaku Communities, and charity communities, which sets KIKI apart from all other projects. KIKI will be trending on social media, not as a cryptocurrency nor NFT project, it will be known chiefly by non-crypto people as a charity movement that intends to help animals and, animals’ best friends, human beings.

3) Walk us through your tokenomics and token structure.

For kiki the tokenomics is 12% for buys and sell, it’s 2% Reflection 2% LP, 4% Marketing and 4% Charity.

4) Can you tell our listeners what you are doing with 20% of the funds produced from your NFT’s?

20% of funds raised from minting will be used to buy back kiki tokens and burn as well, not only does kiki burns buyback tokens, there are also burning events for surprises along the way, with deflation and liquidity generation, kiki token value will only go up.

5) It sounds like you have a huge marketing plan for your project can you tell our userbase how you plan on doing this?

Influencers/Public Figures Revealing, Influencers/Public Figures Posting, Art Communities Engagement Events, Animal Communities Engagement Events, Charity Communities Engagement Events, Partnership Announcements With Animal Charities, Youtube and Twitch Exposures Along with Milestone Achievements and Charity Auctions, Mainstream Media Exposures Along with Milestone Achievements and Charity Auctions, Social Media Trending Along with Milestone Achievements and Charity Auctions, Youtube Videos of KIKI Rescue Team with Massive Exposures, Celebrity Endorsements (Actors/Actresses, Singers, Rappers, Musicians, Bands, etc.), TV Commercials, Billboards, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Print Media Advertising, NPO Set Up, Foundation Set Up

6) No. 002 NFT, as well as No. 003 NFT, are planned for charity can you tell how massive this event will be for the holders?

Of course, its gonna benefit the holders massively since each sells 🐈‍⬛For KIKI’s Original NFTs on auction will be used for the coin itself which is:-

20% Buyback and Burn of KIKI Token
30% Charity
30% Marketing

7) How does your technology roadmap look like? Do you plan on going metaverse too?

Currently, we’re not looking at metaverse as it is not part of our main goal/priority. However, looking forward to the future, I have no doubt we will have a way to integrate metaverse utility into our coin since virtual and augmented art gallery is becoming a trend, this is a great platform to feature KIKI wonderful art piece.

8) What is your listing plan? Are you planning to be listed on CEX?

Naturally, we have plans for that, it is part of every coin milestone including us. Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, other big CEX/Swap.. you name it, we gonna get there slowly and surely.

9) How do you see the current crypto market? Do you think it will continue to prosper?

Looking at the current crypto market, everything seems to strive forward as we approach alt coins season at its peak. More people are now finally involving themselves in crypto, large companies and private firm are also putting their bets on lots of crypto coins now especially on metaverse technology which is strongly related to crypto when it comes to online currency, there’s no doubt we are on bullish season.

10) Finally if you can pick one thing about your project, or a quote you admire most, what would it be and why?

Our philosophy is very simple, Holding KIKI is like cultivating an Apple Tree, it takes a lot of patients and determination to make it grow healthy and prosper. We all should wait and pluck the apple together to achieve our goals which is financial freedom. Remember, holding is the key to our success🔑

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