Interviews Lucky Fairy Token “AVAX Token Backed by a Real Casino”


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1) Welcome to ABC. For starters, give an introduction of yourself and the people on your team and their experience in the cryptocurrency market?

It is an honour to work with Blockcast and meet all of you. My name is YB, and I am a software engineer and successful owner of multiple businesses out of Canada. I have been in the crypto market since day 1, having seen many phases of cryptocurrency come and go. This market is something different and my team and I feel it is time to take this market by storm and bring age-old industries onto the blockchain. Along with me, the team consists of Steveo, Stazzi, ReadingKing, and Secure88. They all bring varying marketing, leadership, project coordination, and crypto knowledge to the table. As a coordinated unit, we are able to do much more than we would be alone.

2) Can you tell us who and what is Lucky Fairy?

LuckyFairy is an AVAX reflection token partnered with an active and revenue-generating online Casino and upcoming sportsbook. $FAE is designed to allow holders access to real revenues generated from the Casino in the form of buybacks & burns, giveaways, lotteries, and play2earn. Holders also have an opportunity to partner directly with the Casino as a client development specialist and grow their personal revenue streams. The project will develop its own play2earn and esports tournaments & betting platform in 2022.

3) I see your token is based on AVAX can you explain the benefits of being part of their ecosystem to our listeners today?

Avalanche is currently one of the most proven and efficient blockchain running right now. Many new “Ethereum Killers” had problems regarding security or had even downtime, like Solana.

Avalanche is currently the New Kid on the block and brings low fees, an ability to handle a lot of requests per second, and with a constantly evolving ecosystem. Despite that, we really think that the future is multi-chain, so we have upcoming surprise partnerships to implement this.

4) Care to explain your tokenomics to us?

Of course. We will be kicking off our fair launch with a maximum supply of 777,777,777 $FAE tokens on the market, with a 10% tax on every transaction. This tax will move into 5 pools, 3% for Devs & Marketing, 2% Reflections, 2% Liquidity, 2% Prize Pool, and 1% Burn. This means 4% of the taxes will be going directly to holders!

5) What is your marketing plan like for the month of January?

We have been putting together many partnerships with other tokens, crypto communities, and AMA groups. Throughout January, you will see LuckyFairy spreading its wings throughout the cryptocurrency social space and becoming a known name in DeFi as we create bonds with many communities that number in the tens of thousands. Along with that, we are partnering with a number of influencers and marketing teams to gain visibility. At the end of the day, we believe that the best marketing in crypto is creating awareness through bonds and mutual partnerships.

6) Many new projects neglected the “revenue” portion right in the start. Please tell us what revenue model do you have now and in the future?

Yes, most projects neglect early revenue sources and they depend on funding, investments or free community labour. We come from a business background and we know that the time to market is very important and that we need to create solid income streams to expand in a healthy way.

We first partnered with a registered and licensed casino that is already generating revenues. We have a revenue share model based on the affiliate system they already have in place but with better rates for our community. We also have an agreement on the lotteries we will create with them and the games we will create on our own dApp. Those revenues will benefit the community in multiple ways, including a fixed portion of those revenues for buyback & burn, raffles, marketing, & charities.

While our marketing team will focus on the growth of the token and awareness about the casino partnership, our dev team will continue to develop our dApp, where we will be adding decentralized slot machines, raffles, play2earn, esports tournaments and betting to expand our revenue sources to fully decentralized ones.

We eventually want to also go into the advertising industry when we own our own eSports league.

7) Congratulations on finding your exclusive partnership with Numbers Game, can you go into more detail about this partnership?

One of our main developers was also the tech guy that helped the casino go through all the licensing processes regarding security and compliance. He knows the operating team very well, making it safe and easy to deal with them. We also have the best affiliation on the market that will benefit the ecosystem we are creating.

8) How does your listing plan look like? Are you geared more towards DEX or CEX?

We are starting on SushiSwap as there is a lot of news coming about that DEX regarding cross-chain interoperability, bridging, and much more. As mentioned before, we are multi-chain Evangelists and want to support all the major chains in the future. Our ecosystem will be based on Defi principles, so we will prioritize DEX for some time. In the long term, we certainly will discuss listing onto CEX’s if the right offers are made, but we are keener to develop our own full ecosystem.

9) Decentralized slot machines, lotteries, and other games: Are there any plans you can discuss with our listeners when it comes to this potential launch in quarter 4?

Our intention is to build many games on our own dApp, for example, we want to collaborate on hosting an exhibition of NFTs in Museum in Crypto Voxels or other Metaverses, and we want to be able to insert our own roulette machine where people can win an NFT from the collection, win whitelists for the mint, or other prizes.

We want to create raffles where people can participate for free, as long as they hold a specific amount of $FAE or other partners tokens. Some partners NFT collections will also give the right to participate in those raffles. This aligns with the fact that we want to spread our brand to other communities and create bonds.

We also want to create mini-games where people can create tournaments between them where they pay a small fee to enter the tournament and the winner or the 3 first places receive prizes.

The main goal of that is to get traffic and create awareness to our platform where we will be hosting bigger eSports events.

10) To end off this segment, we hope you can share an inspiring quote to the community. Thank you.

Choosing to see things differently is the most difficult thing someone can do personally. However once everyone accepts that things in this world change is the day everyone moves forwards together.

Cryptocurrency and DeFi are on the brink of making everyone see that things do change and with this, we will be at the forefront of this world moving forward.

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