Interviews Matilda Vip “A Meme Token born to improve the world”


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1) Hi Matilda, can you tell us about yourself and your team?

Matilda Vip is a meme token born with the aim of really helping the community of artists who were left without work during the pandemic.

Our team consists of 9 professionals. Each of us specializes in a specific sector.

2) Who is Matilda? What is your unique selling point?

Matilda VIP, inspired by a famous dog, dedicates part of her revenues to charities.
It’s not the usual meme coin inspired by a dog with speculative goals. The real profile on Instagram that inspired us, has 410,000 followers. Are you already know who we are talking about?!

3) Can you tell us about your buyer tokenomics? Can you tell us the difference in your seller tokenomics? How do you stand out from the rest with tokenomics?

Liquidity Locked for 2 years
Team tokens Locked for 3 months
Buy Fees 5℅
Sell Fees 7℅

Maybe we are the only meme token with such low fees (5% buy and 7% sell). We don’t want to speculate on our investors. We want to grow together with them for a long time. We are sure that tokenomics like this will help to have a healthy chart.

To inquire trust on our investors and prove our seriousness, we have locked liquidity for 2 years. The team’s tokens for 3 months, private investors agreed to be locked. We even locked up the marketing wallet. The team will make all the investments with its own capital.

4) What is your marketing approach to today’s market conditions? What does your marketing plan look like?

We immediately declared our approach to marketing. We are not interested in having pumps. All investments will be huge, but they will be carefully evaluated.

We have already applied for Coingecko and CMC, but we do not intend to pay for the fast track. We don’t need it, we prefer to invest that money for something else. We’ve already done a giveaway of a year subscription to Amazon Prime Video and the consideration value of an iPhone 13 (950$). On 9 December a TV series will start in 240 countries where Matilda will be the protagonist too.

We have signed an agreement with LunarCrypto of a Top package to give us long-term support to grow our token. It was a very important investment.

All members of our community are real. We have put in place protection against bots that enter fake profiles.

We will not use bots for the shill. We want to be 100% true. We will shortly open some of the most important national communities in the world.

5) To the moon phase you mention $5000 selfie give away with launch bot? What do you intend to do? We want to take part in this too :>

We have already defined in our roadmap the launch of our new site where an eCommerce part will be implemented for the purchase of Matilda Vip merchandising.

In order to participate in the Giveaway (Selfie Vip Gift $ 5,000) our holders will have to purchase a t-shirt on our eCommerce and will have two months to take a selfie with Matilda Vip’s t-shirt together with Chiara Ferragni. We have chosen two months to give everyone the opportunity to participate. She travels all over the world for work, so everyone has a chance to win.

The first to post a photo on social media will be the winner. Obviously, we will verify that it is not a photomontage.

6) What is your product roadmap like? There is a lot in this phase so the NFT platform what are you doing for use case and ideas for the NFT space? Also tell us Matilda App for iOS and Android, please.

With the release of the new site we will implement an NFT platform (we will involve several artists who will create them for us). The proceeds from these sales will always be donated to charity to give consistency to our goals.
At this stage we are building a platform available on ios and Android that will mainly have these functions:–

-Interactive game

The MATILDA token’s GAME will be something that will remember the Tamagochi, each holders will have to take care of Matilda dog and in order to do this they will use our token. She will have to look after him, feed him and do everything you do in real life with a dog.

7) What are your plans for exchange listings?

For the listing on exchange platforms we are already listed on:
-Coingecko requested (we don’t pay for the fast track)
-CoinmarketCap (we don’t pay for fast track)
-We are collecting quotes for listing on some minor trading platforms and then get to one of the top 5 within the next 6 months.

We were born a few days ago and not being listed yet will surely be an opportunity for investors now.

8) Tell me more about your charity plans.

We have already made arrangements with an artists association for the first donation and will publish the delivery and transaction.

Our idea is to be able to involve and be supported by many artists.

Surely a large part of the marketing wallet will be donated.

We are also defining partnerships and associations that can support animal care.
One thing will be certain, the donations will be real and we will provide our communities with proof of every payment.

9) South-East Asians like meme coins. What are your plans in South East Asia?

We will certainly entertain them with our token, as well as for the earnings that we are sure will come and for the donations, they will appreciate, but above all with the release of our game. For the Asian people we are closing an agreement with Weibo, we hope within a few days, we will open a national community where we will have the support of native speakers.

We will give the opportunity to interact with our eCommerce platform also with WeChat.
Along the way, we will try to seize all the opportunities to better spread Matilda Vip in Asia.

10) Care to share your favourite quote with this today? We want to learn more from you.

The collapse of BTC these days has not helped us, but we are still above the presale value. Our presale was filled in a few minutes and the people who trusted us didn’t sell despite the drop in the market. The real holders who believe in the project are still all in it. We will not disappoint them and start from there. We have very strong support/capital from our supporters. We have not set ourselves a goal of value. We want to achieve all our goals and stick to the roadmap. The value will decide the market. We are sure that we will all go to the moon together.

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