Interviews Tim, Project Manager of Baby CateCoin “Treating Holders with Happiness! Multiple Rewards in your wallet.”


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1) Thanks Tim for coming by to ABC. Can you give an introduction about yourself and then your team too?

I am the Project manager of Baby CateCoin supported by an experienced team who are working on their special skills like moderation, marketing, development, security, scriptwriting, etc.

2) Tell us in detail, what is Baby Catecoin?

Simply it is a meme coin that enables investors to put their money in a robust NFT utility, swap, wallet and p2e by that ensuring a use case for a trending meme coin.

3) In your white paper, it discusses a unique burn protocol can you tell us about it? Just how unique it is?

Having a big supply decreases demand. In Baby CateCoin we have a mechanism to burn the supply with each buy and sell which will increase the value of the investments.

4) I see that part of your tagline is having ‘real utility’. What utility are you talking about? What about future usage?

We have an upcoming one of a kind swap as well as an NFT marketplace under development for future usage, this offers investors a great opportunity long term.

5) Can you tell us about your tokenomics?

The tokenomics feeds into the liquidity to make a robust price, it also feeds into the marketing capabilities enabling the team to keep trending, and finally, as mentioned earlier, a percentage will then burn and the remaining will be redistributed.


30% Initial Burn

10% Ecosystem

50% Liquidity

5% Private Sale

5% Team and Future Development

6) Where are your marketing activities? Can you share with us those that you have done so far and what do you plan to do next?

Marketing is ongoing non-stop since launch, it is presented by calls from the greatest names in the market. Such names have even started talking about us for free without any return which reflects the impact of what we are doing. Future marketing will focus on vital articles, huge blogs, billboards, advertisements in crypto platforms, and partnerships with other crypto coins for our P2E/Staking.

7) Share with us your technology roadmap. Also, can you tell us about the wallet and the Everswap function?

We just updated our roadmap and it is easy to understand now. In Phase 2, we are focused on delivering the wallet and swap. It will be partnered with a huge marketing campaign. Phase 3, we are focused on the NFT marketplace and staking. In addition, our team has decided to conduct a charity program for homeless and cat shelters. As for the Everswap, I will let the team update it, it should be Baby CateCoin swap.

8) It mentions in Phase 3 you are working on a game launch, can you tell us about the first game you have planned? Is this added revenue steam enough to keep the project running and pay the bills?

We are not focused on P2E yet, we are more focused on BabyCatecoin swap, wallet and NFT marketplace. We want to make sure that our P2E will be beneficial to all players and at the same time help to sustain the growth of the project. But we will talk more about it when we finished the phase 2. Our team will make sure that it will be more exciting than others.

9) What are your listing plans like?

We already got listed on the major listing sites like Coinmarketcap and FEGX. We are currently on decentralized exchanges but are working towards having a major central exchange that is part of our Phase 3. We don’t want to rush things and we might start with the Whitebit, Hotbit or landbank which does not have so many requirements to list a project. It will be a wonderful achievement to be listed on those exchanges while we are taking the success path and targeting the listing on tier 2 or 1 exchanges.

10) Inspire us with a Baby Catecoin quote, please.

In Baby CateCoin. The power of dedication, transparency, established good relationships with investors, proper marketing will drive us to success.

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