Meets Ha Phuong, Founder and CEO of Shibafriend “PLAY TO EARN Metaverse Pet Game”


1) Hello Shiba Friend,  can you tell us about your team and what experience that they have in the cryptocurrency environment?

My name is Ha Phuong and I am the Female CEO of Shibafriend.  I have been keeping pets as a hobby snice young Different types of pets like Shiba dogs, cats, fighting fishes etc. . I am actively involved in the pets community. I am also a serial entrepreneur where I operate an online eCommerce business, a travels business and a Korea Beauty Center.

Our CMO Jay Koh, COO Alan Yeap, and I have been buying and holding crypto for the past few years.

Both our CMO and COO are involved in blockchain advisory for the past few years and have done many successes ICO/IEO for many blockchains and fintech companies. You can view their profile in LinkedIn to know them better.

2) What is Shiba Friend all about? Why this name? What is your purpose in the crypto space?

Shiba has been making a big headline in the crypto world.  Shiba became famous when Elon Musk started to promote Dogecoin.  As the fame continues, Royshi helps Shiba to start its own Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.  Shiba Inu has stormed the world when it becomes an instant success overnight!

We want to bring other pets like poodles, Chihuahuas, bulldogs, Persian Cats, Siamese Cats into the crypto space.

And what other better name than Shibafriend?  Shiba and friends together in the metaverse!

Today you look at the majority of the game in the crypto space, they are fighting games, violent gaming, competitive gaming.   We want to design a family-oriented, fun, entertaining gaming for casual people on the street, where their daily gameplay is candy crush, puzzles, adventure gaming.

3) What are your tokenomics like in your ecoSystem? 

We allocate 33% or 3.3 billion of our token for players to earn (play to earn).  Every time a token is transacted, there will be a 10% transaction fee.  Of the 10% transaction fee, 3% will go to token holders, 3% to marketing and 4% to liquidity pool.  Our smart contract allows us to adjust more % to token holders and reduce to marketing and liquidity pool.

4) Can you tell us about your Metaverse game and what pets you are able to obtain?

If you look up ‘Metaverse’ on a search engine you will find 10 different definitions. But this is part of the beauty of it.

The Metaverse has yet to be clearly defined. As you read, it is being built in hundreds of different formats, imagined in a range of styles, from Ready Player One to Cyberpunk 2077, Google Glass to The Sandbox.

The game consists of 4 parts.

We are working on the integration between 2D and 3D in our gameplay.

Part one:  the land, internal and external pet house.  You can focus on buying land, building, decorate and selling to other players.  As the land availability is limited, you can build hotels and rent to players.

Part two is petting and taking care of your pets.  You can dress up your pets, feed and grow your cats, and put up for other players to adopt your pets.

There will be daily tasks, weekly tasks to complete to receive token.

If you did not take proper care of your pet, you will need to send them to the hospital.

Part three is the competition between players.   You can outdo with other players in an ecosystem of casual games to earn in-game tokens or NFT drops “No loss” prize pools Users receive gems which entitles them to a probabilistic chance of claiming the prize pools The twist is that even if you don’t win, you are continually enrolled into the next draw.  The competition will range from Pet beauty contest to a mini game competition.

Part four is the community centre for players to interact with each other.

We are going to show a demo game of how does it work below:  (Post demo Game)

5) It mentions well buildings and clothing’s plus accessories for your pet, will these all be a part of your NFT marketplace? How does your marketplace look like? Can you describe more?

We have done the first batch of Shibafriend clothing and accessories.  You can view the collection in Opensea.  We will have more clothes and accessories coming out weekly with different pets.

We just completed our first 3D Shibafriend design for NFT and for the games.

Decentraland Marketplace fit our game marketplace where we can trade land, trade buildings, adopt pets.

6) You will be surprised that most crypto companies do not plan ahead for their cash flow. I want to know where are your revenue streams coming from and how do you manage your cash flow or crypto flow?

The most expensive technical expenses of a game company are server hosting and bandwidth to ensure continuity of the gaming experience.

The most expensive business expense of a game company is marketing to attract more players to join us.

Our revenue will come. SHF Token sale. In-Game NFT Land Sale, House Building and Pet adoption. NFT Marketplace transaction.

We believe in the community bringing new communities.  From our airdrop campaign, we already have a referral system to bring in more people to participate in our airdrop and earn SHF Token.  In our pet social media platform, we have an affiliate system to bring in more users to earn tokens.

We will implement the same referral system in our metaverse gaming.

We will have weekly, monthly, quarterly in-game events with No Loss prize pool tokens or NFT drops.

7) What will you be doing for your marketing strategies?

This will be headed by our CMO Jay who has over 20 years of meticulous dedicated marketing professional with demonstrated leadership skills aimed at archiving goals. The marketing has been planned to roll out in stages. Including different partnerships has been waiting to be on board. You will be seeing more partner logos added to our website soon. News and media will be out too.

8) Are you planning to list on CEXes? Or remain on DEX? Tell us your listing plans, please.

Our goal is to do IDO in the launchpad.  After IDO, our token will be trading in DEX.  We have allocated 10% of our tokenomics to go to CEX.  Listing our token SHF in tier-one exchange is part of our plan too.

9) Shiba Inu is going strong. How do you plan to tap on their strong points to your advantage? 

a. We plan to roll out our Dapps NFT Marketplace in December

b. IDO in December.

c. Roll out Phase 1 of Shibafriend Pet game in January 2022.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote  for our community members

Shibafriend to the moon!  Shiba, Poodle, Chihuahua, Persian Cats, Chihuahuas, bulldogs, Persian Cats, Siamese Cats and every other pet to the Moon!