meets Marrtin Hoon, CEO of Metaone “Your path to gaming metaverse”


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1) Thanks for coming by. Can you tell us about your team and experience in the crypto and gaming space?

Metaone founding team comprises professionals who have a deep passion for metaverse and cryptoverse games.

Founder Martin
25 years of experience in ICT, cloud, Internet, mobile games and blockchain.

Founder Roland
Forefather of Gaming in Asia, First to bring World of Warcraft into Asia, established Fifa Online in Asia and gained 25 million gamers within a couple of months.

Total of 15, blockchain developers based in Nanjing and analytics developers based in Fuzhou

2) What is METAONE about? What are your unique selling points?

Metaone is a comprehensive enabler and force multiplier for the Gamefi space, integrating analytics, guild management, asset management, and investments. MetaOne, created by Gamers, offers unparalleled transparency and functionality to add value to all the key stakeholders in the Gamefi space. Our project works toward solving the range of problems limiting the growth of the Gamefi Space, which are also our unique selling points.

The platform’s single interface makes the transition from traditional gaming to blockchain effortless for gamers. We guide gamers through the entire process, from setting up a blockchain wallet and registering with our platform, to training in a virtual environment and selecting a game guild.

With game guilds and GameFi titles onboarded and actively using the platform, we will be in a position to offer the insights needed by GameFi investors to make data-driven investment decisions. MetaOne integrates into games’ architecture to mine relevant data for investors to make decisions for maximum returns.

Smart Contract for cross-chain investments is designed to allow players to trade and swap native tokens and NFT Game Assets between separate ecosystems. Leasing and lending contracts are executed with owners’ NFT assets kept secure in their wallets whilst gamers obtain the NFT access rights for in-game usage, reducing the fraud risk happening in blockchains.

3) How does your marketing plan look like for the next 3 months?

We try to tailor MetaOne’s marketing strategy to best fit each strategic partner’s model. For example, AMA sections with MetaOne partners, Airdrop Events, Esports tournaments using Web3 games on the platform, and Guilds and Gamers expansion leveraging Web2 Gaming Channel.

4) So we understand you are GameFi guild management and analytics service. Can you tell our listeners about what you are planning with your ecosystem?

MetaOne Platform is to become the single largest platform for Game Guilds with excellent activation tools, deep and predictive big data analysis, and comprehensive NFT game assets management on leasing and staking.

Many Guilds and platforms are still relying on time-consuming and complex manual measures to onboard and manage their gamers, which decelerates the population growth. Our platform on the other hand enables registering and monitoring guild members, games earnings and progress using a single UI and platform, proven by signing up 156 guilds in 65 days. Top-performing game guilds will be rewarded with MetaOne Token over various time periods, creating competition among each other to increase in-game effort concurrently.

5) When it comes to Guild Management, what do you provide to attract people to your ecosystem?

MetaOne Big Data Analytics Tools for Guild Master provides guild leaders with an abundance of in-depth insights – from understanding the current overAll guilds performance to every gamer’s level of detail. Powered with AI predictive analysis to boost confidence for the guild master that they are on the right track.

These are made possible by integrating the gameplay interface from the GameFi available on the MetaOne platform.

6) Can you tell us about the virtual environments that you’re allowing the gamers to learn within?

MetaOne provides training material of basic 101 in blockchain gaming for the gamers to have the quickest way to familiarize themselves such as manuals, video tutorials, or a game simulation mode with our GameFi partners

7) I love that you’re providing analytics, can you first explain the guild analytics that you’re able to provide?

As more guilds join Gamefi projects the number of players increases exponentially. Our Guild Management Dashboard provides clear large scale data on players and transactions within different games. Tracking the number of users, number of active users, and transactions yields the game offers. The amount a player can expect to earn playing a game per hour for example.

8) For gamer analytics can you tell our listeners that are into playing GameFi games what you are providing for them?

MetaOne Big Data Analytics Tools for Gamers provides insight into the current and overall yield across each GameFi, their in-game duration, and understanding of the subsequent potential gain by comparing the next gamers in front. Gamers could choose to indulge in games that yield the best return on their investment and monitor their own performance.

9) We see that you are providing in-game NFT leasing for people who are interested in playing certain games, can you explain the benefits of this service?

Gamers who are interested in our games but who lack the financial resources to acquire the initial set of characters can essentially participate in an NFT leasing and lending process from others who are able to acquire them. MetaOne came out with an NFT hub that enables this activity with our smart contract protocols.

MetaOne Smart Contract Protocol made possible cross-chain NFT asset swaps – allowing gamers to trade and establish contracts between ecosystems. Leasing and lending contracts are executed with owners’ NFT assets kept secure in their wallets whilst gamers obtain the NFT access rights for in-game usage.

10) Can you tell us about your NFT hub and what services it’s able to provide for the guilds as well as gamers?

The NFT hub provides mechanisms that allow gamers to lease, trade and collateralize their NFTs using smart contracts. The available NFT items for lease, functionality, lease price and trade volume are displayed for gamers to analyze and select their best-fit asset to help them maximize their yield.

11) Where are the geographical regions that you will target first to get your initial base of users?

MetaOne is targeting to recruit 10,000 guilds in 3 years’ time, with our main focus and gamers based in North Asia (China, Japan, Korea.) and SouthEast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia).

12) Can you leave us with a quote or saying for our listeners to remember you by?

“We’ve seen a massive explosion of interest. More and more projects are in the Gamefi space but there are still gaps. Gaps between Gamefi and traditional gamers and barriers to entry that prevent the space from achieving its huge potential- Metaone exists to fill those gaps,” – Marrtin Hoon, CEO of Metaone.

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