Speaks to Brent, Co-Founder of SLEEP “A Sleep-to-Earn protocol that combines DeFi, NFTs and a Land Distribution Game on the metaverse.”


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1) Asia Blockchain Community brings interesting projects to everyone. Today, we have SLEEP. Before we go into the business side of things, can you tell us about yourself and your team members?

Murad and I met a couple of years back and always had the vision of improving people’s health and well-being. When we delved into crypto, it was natural to go that way and build something life change

2) What is SLEEP about? What drives you to create this project?

As mentioned, Murad and I met a couple of years back and always had the vision of improving people’s health and well-being. When we delved into crypto, it was natural to go that way and build something life-changing for our users. Sleep Ecosystem is about rewarding people financially for building healthy habits and taking care of their health. We built an ecosystem rewarding users for hours spent sleeping in both $SLEEP and $BUSD, as well as a metaverse land distribution game and an NFT Marketplace centred around wellness.

3) What are the use cases for $SLEEP?

Our ecosystem will include the following features:

• Sleep-To-Earn: Sensorial Sleep Tracker
• SleepVerse: Metaverse and Land Distribution Game
• NFT Marketplace with NFT SleepyRabbits Collection
• A DeFi Solution (Non-custodial wallet + Staking)

Our Beta dAPp is also officially live. Check it out below:

4) When are you unveiling SleepVerse Lands and NFTs? How is this going to help with your ecosystem? What can your NFT do?

There are two types of NFTs within our ecosystem. The CloudLands and SleepyRabbits. The CloudLands are the lands of our land distribution game where people will be able to build all sorts of facilities to generate income, for which the SleepyRabbits are the landlords. The CloudLands will constitute SleepVerse, our metaverse, which will allow users to live in a peaceful world while generating revenue.

5) What other revenue streams do you have?

We have many aspects in our ecosystem that can be considered revenue streams. Our Defi protocol is composed of the sleep tracker and staking and an NFT Marketplace where creators will be able to sell their art daily.

6) Can you walk us through your tech offerings? What should we expect from your devs?

Our devs are working constantly to provide the best quality products, from the sleep tracker which is one of the most innovative technologies to SleepVerse, for which the Alpha Version is already in development.

7) How does your listing plan look like?

We plan to partner with several CEXs after our launch on PCS in order to bring to our community the best value while growing our number of users.

8) Tell us about marketing strategies, please.

We place a premium on marketing as an essential tool for the sustainability and
success of a cryptocurrency. Our conception plan for Sleep is innovative and
rooted in factual research and Data Analysis, with fundamentals that guarantee a
very high conversion rate compared to other projects

A core part of our marketing decision is to hire professionals in the marketing field
to assist our team. Our marketing partners will offer us a wide range of contacts
that will help us in a decisive way. We believe in strongly analytical approaches
and will look forward to implementing our scientific vision of marketing into the
crypto space. We are already getting exposure on every social media, crypto and trading related website and plan to do a lot more in the coming weeks.

9) We know you have partnered GankPad. What is this partnership about? What other partnerships do you have installed for your community?

GankPad is a trustworthy launchpad, a company with whom we managed to get a legal agreement (unlike most other ones). The team is solid and the launchpad’s concept is super innovative. We have multiple partnerships with KOLs, influencers and advisors that provide us with the best quality information to make the best out of our project.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote for our members.

“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.”

Check out our marketing campaign too. Thank you.

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