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1) Tell us about Urameshi, please.

Urameshi is community-driven with a foundation built around providing financial independence to our spirit detectives.

Emphasizing real utility, NFTs, GameFi, and community-powered, URAMESHI is an underdog token that gives the community a sense of empowerment through our roadmap and goals we give to each other.

URAMESHI aims to be the most recognized, known and used cryptocurrency in the world.

2) Can you share with us about your team?

Urameshi Inu has a skilled and experienced team of Spirit Detectives to make sure Urameshi becomes the Champion of The Dark Tournament.

All are supported by the Urameshi Inu community. I am Urameshi, Dev of the project. Nice meeting all of you too.

2) Kindly tell us about your tokenomics too.

Our Tokenomics consist of many functions that protect our Spirit Detectives. The primary function is that each buy and sell will occur a 12% slippage, and holders are rewarded 2% of our Native Token.

Our more complex functions are:

Anti-Whale – Each holder can hold only 1% of the supply.

Anti-Dump – To avoid chart manipulation, we will not allow over 0.8% to be sold unless occurring heavy taxes.

3% Contract Buy Backs & Burns

3) You have an interesting concept for your trading cards. Can you walk us through that?

Our Trading Card MMO will release in Phase 4 of our roadmap; we will use our Spirit Detectives NFTs through PVP game mechanics!

The Dark Tournament Trading Card Game will utilize a ranking system for PVP, and we will introduce PVE, where holders will have the chance to complete multiple tasks to earn tokens through a completion-based system.

The trading card game mechanics will be announced soon!

4) Spirit Detectives NFT collection is another interesting concept. Can you tell us more too?

Spirit Detectives are an NFT collection of 10,000 that will be useable when we start developing our Trading Card Game. They will come in 3 different races (Spirit Detectives, Spirit Warriors, and Demons), and they will be randomized to give everyone a fair chance.

We will be releasing another collection closer to the release of our MMO, where we will introduce our ranking system NFTs.

5) What marketing activities will you be doing?

Urameshi Inu will soon be featured in these well-known online publications such as Benzinga, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and much more! Please keep your eyes on the lookout when these sections become available with massive news about our token!

6) Next, is your contract audited? Many of us are worried about rugpulls etc.

This token is in the process of undergoing a Full Audit and KYC verification by SoldProof.

We are happy to announce that we have completed the smart contract audit for @InuUrameshi

‍The Team also succeeded our KYC process.

See our smart contract audit: and our KYC certificate at this link:

7) How is your project roadmap like?

Our journey to being strong enough for The Dark Tournament, each phase will strengthen not only our foundation but our ecosystem, utility, and community.

All are supported by the detectives of Urameshi Inu community.

Phase 1: Human World

Website Launch
Contract Audit
1,000 Holders
Coin Gecko Listing
1,000 Telegram Members
Coin Market Cap Listing

Phase 2: Spirit World

Marketing Campaign
5,000 Holders
Uraswap Beta
Initial Small Cex Listing
10,000 Telegram Members
NFT Collection Release (Spirit Detectives)

Phase 3: Demon World

Partnership Announcement
25,000 Holders
PR AMAs Scheduled
Uraswap Alpha Version
40,000 Telegram Members
E-Commerce Store Launch

Phase 4: The Dark Tournament

Major Cex Listings
Uramask Beta App (Android/iOS)
50,000 Holders
Partnership Announcement
100,000 Telegram Members
Charity Event
Release of Urameshi Trading Card MMO Beta

8) Why should anyone invest in Urameshi Inu?

Urameshi is community-driven, which means we give the community the right to choose what direction we should take the project, which we would like to give the community a stake in the project rather than just investing.

Also, we believe that our community should not be manipulated by evil-doers which we will have set up our contract to prevent manipulators and dumpers!

9) What are your listing plans like?

Soon we will be listed on Uniswap and our own DEX Uraswap. We do have plans to list on multiple CEXs, but we won’t disclose them at this time.

10) Any other things to add?

You should keep an eye on our swap! Uraswap is our DEX that holders will be able to buy URAMESHI on. It will also have yield farming, staking, and freezing options available on the Swap. When the Beta swap becomes available it will automatically have the slippage set for when holders want to trade to acquire URAMESHI tokens.

You can also buy URAMESHI with fiat.



(Urameshi was supposed to be attending the AMA Live on 1 December 2021, but they did not reply to our messages. This a written copy based on information from their website.)

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