Light DeFi To Be Listed on BigONE Exchange on 7 January 2022

This listing would not have been possible without the community's support and conviction in Light DeFi's mission.

Light DeFi To Be Listed on BigONE Exchange on 7 January 2022

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São Paulo, January 6, 2022.-  The Light DeFi Token will be listed on January 7, 2022, at 09:00 GMT +8 on the BigOne Exchange. That achievement became possible because of the engaged community, and the Light DeFi token has one that works hard for the revolutionary project. In the last week of the year, holders and the Light DeFi team have worked a lot with one goal in mind: to list Light DeFi on the BigOne Exchange. Still, as the Light DeFi holders are, aka LightDeFighters, they mobilize the community with all their efforts to achieve the goal. Well done; after the necessary process to get into the Exchange, Holders, Devs, and the team could finally celebrate. The first 500 registrants who followed the steps gained an Airdrop from Light DeFi.

That’s the first time that Light DeFi is listed on an Exchange. In celebrating this achievement, the CEO of Light DeFi Germano Sales said, ” Another time our community has shown its strength and effort, and for us in Light Group, it is a huge accomplishment to be listed on BigOne.” also supporting our CEO,  And Anndy Lian, Chairman, Asia of BigONE Exchange said, “ESG is dear to my heart. I learned and understand more about climate change from a professor in Singapore during the earlier part of my career. When I know about Light Defi and its mission, I think it fits perfectly to how blockchain can be used for good. They are also one of the few ESG focused blockchain projects with a good community. Building our future starts today.” 

The BigOne Exchange is a crypto trading platform where people can exchange and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOT, DOGE, Litecoin, and more. The Exchange has more than 5,000,000 registered users, 20,000 daily users, a daily trading volume of around $500 million, more than 90 supported assets, and about 140 supported trading pairs. BigOne has outstanding industry recognition, leading to rankings on prestigious global ranking sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The listing of the Light DeFi Token on the BigOne Exchange is a significant milestone for the project at the start of this year. Still, it is also a considerable benefit for the world. Last year, the Light Group came up with a revolutionary project that combines blockchain technology and sustainability. 

Light DeFi (LIGHT) is a token developed by the Blockchain Smart Chain (BSC) network. The LIGHT cryptoactive represents the tokenization of renewable energy production initiatives.

In a short time, Light DeFi has also received an essential certificate from Certik, the company responsible for auditing platforms such as PancakeSwap, Binance, and Polygon.

The LIGHT token has achieved great recognition in the market by being listed on CoinMarketCap, considered the world’s largest platform for checking the price of cryptoactives in the market. Through CoinMarketCap, Light DeFi has already reached four times the top ranking of the best daily results among the tokens listed on the site.

Light DeFi’s project is ambitious, to build the first photovoltaic plant with a 5 MegaWatt (MW) capacity. The first module will have a capacity of 2.5 megawatts at the beginning.

In addition to part of the fee charged by Light DeFi’s network, the token’s photovoltaic plant will be financed by the electricity produced through the innovative project. Of the total revenue from the photovoltaic plant, 50% will be used to install new energy production modules.

Another 30% of the revenue will be earmarked for the process of purchasing and redistributing Light DeFi (LIGHT) tokens, which can guarantee a permanent liquidity process for the token. After purchase, these tokens will be redistributed proportionately to Light token holders.

The major goal of the Light DeFi project is to generate renewable energy. Starting in Ceará, Brazil, but hoping to expand this concept globally soon, particularly by complying with ESG concepts and supporting the 2030 Agenda goals, as CEO, Germano Sales stated, “Even before the launch of Light DeFi, we had in mind the goal of adhering to ESG concepts in Light Group and providing total support to the 2030 Agenda goals.”

Users of the BigOne Exchange will also benefit from a variety of features with the Light DeFi token.

BigOne’s official LIGHT Listing announcement can be seen here. 



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