Soun HONG, the renowned Korean Artist releases his first NFT

Soun HONG, the renowned Korean Artist  releases his first NFT


Soun Hong, one of the renowned Korean artists in Korean contemporary art, is ready to release his first NFT on Opensea. (

Hong has been exploring various mediums including painting, print, installation, photography, sculpture, and video. By bringing these three-dimensional works and forms as a whole back to the basic canvas, he has been carrying on the artistic legacy. Now, with his desire to expand his way of exploring the medium, and with a personality of challenging spirit toward the new era, Hong is ready to enter the world of NFT.

His NFT art, which is called “Sidescapes”, is an extension of his original painting series called “Sidescape” from 2008.  The ‘Sidescape’ is a new perspective on landscape art in which he views the traditional landscape as merely a visual representation of a specific scene in nature or a scene from the news of events resulted by political disputes. He de-constructs the scenes by fragmenting the image and re-constructs the fragmentation to his own reinterpretation. The NFT of Hong also introduces the equal method as he applied in his paintings. He segmented and fragmented his actual original paintings, digitizing the images to result in a moving image.

To a question of his intention in NFT art and his expectations in changes with his collector, he stated, “So far, my works have been mainly in the collection of art galleries and museums. I don’t get many chances to get to know my collectors. This NFT market, unlike the offline market, will allow an unspecified number of people to see my work, and I can even interact with collectors or anyone who is interested in my work. I can’t wait to see how lively and passionate the communications will be in the world of NFT. Because that’s what art is for.”

Hong’s NFT will be released at the ‘Opensea’ by the curation of  ‘The Five Collection’. The Five Collection is a collective of curators who are currently working in the field of visual contemporary art. The Five Collection aims to keep 5 principles in order to build a healthy and sustainable NFT art environment: Help to Explore the world of NFT art / Appreciate its aesthetics / Connect with others to share / Locate the NFT to enjoy / Cherish every moment throughout the whole experience. The curation team will be introducing artists not only from Asia, but also around the globe.