2022 will Witness the Rising of PlanckX: Building a Decentralized and Freer Gaming World.

2022 will Witness the Rising of PlanckX: Building a Decentralized and Freer Gaming World.


PlanckX, a decentralized gaming NFT transaction community, released recently a product update and an overview of the team’s development plan in 2022.

With the version update, PlanckX’s official site will take on a brand new appearance and be added with SDK interfaces for Android, iOS, H5, and Windows systems. The team thus covers all GameFi categories from mobile games to PC games and provides technical support for various game categories and NFT transactions.

“We are committed to becoming the world’s largest decentralized gaming NFT transaction community in 2022. We will increase our cross-chain capabilities such as BSC, Polygon, and Polkadot through technological updates, providing support to customize more personalized blockchain reform solutions for developers. In the new year, PlanckX will release its main chain to enable 0 gas fees for users on the platform. We will also start operating the PlanckX DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) autonomy mechanism, launching an ecological reward plan. More than 100 games of various types will be introduced to our platform and 200,000 NFTs are expected to be launched to bring unrivaled gaming and transaction experience to players. Ensuring the realization of private ownership rights of in-game assets in an inevitable development trend of next-generation games!” said Sai Ma, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of PlanckX DAO.

PlanckX is a metaverse-concept gaming NFT transaction community designed and developed based on blockchain. It offers blockchain reform services for game developers, in addition to a massive amount of GameFi and support for NFT minting and transactions. On PlanckX, game players can experience GameFi or publish or transact NFTs. The PlanckX team aims to build a gaming NFT transaction platform that gives greater freedom for developers and game players to connect, ensure player rights and interests with blockchain technology, and enable more people to have the fun of playing to earn.

Unlike other gaming platforms, PlanckX delivers more personalized blockchain reform support for game developers. From incubation of game project ideas to convenient release of in-game digital assets, technical and operational support is provided throughout the entire blockchain-based release process of GameFi, presenting more efficient solutions for traditional game players to embrace the metaverse.

As of December 2021, PlanckX has cooperated with and been recognized by more than 300 game projects. The PlanckX team has declared that they will realize truly decentralized community autonomy by employing smart contract rewards in the future. We will work to build in the ecosystem DAOs that are jointly governed by community members and fairly distribute various resources based on member contributions. In doing so, PlanckX hopes to remove disadvantages of the traditional organization structure, such as resource waste in all forms, wealth inequality, income imbalance, and stifled healthy competitions.

The concepts of metaverse and GameFi has emerged to gradually gain ground and even ushered in a lasting GameFi frenzy that topped Blockchain-related Internet searches along with NFT. In the new generation of game paradigms, thanks to their irreplaceability, GameFi item collections in the form of NFTs address the problem of determining asset ownership—which has long plagued traditional games—gradually highlighting the values of GameFi in the future world. The value of games will also see steady growth over time.

Over the last year, while the Internet was flooded with discussions and attention around metaverse and GameFi, many good early projects have been missed. As an industry leader, PlanckX has always believed that GameFi is the best direction of development and made continuous efforts in this respect.

PlanckX aims to become the world’s largest gaming NFT transaction community as well as a traffic driver to move from the real world to the metaverse in the future. We want to work with more forward-looking and more distinguished creators to smash fetters and build a decentralized, freer gaming world.

Whereas 2021 has been a year focusing on creativity and foundation building, 2022 will witness the rising of PlanckX. Welcome to PlanckX world! For more information, visit PlanckX’s official site: https://planckx.io/




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