8Hours Foundation Successfully Wrapped up its NTI Round of Token Issuance with over $3.0 Million Raised


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — At 8Hours Foundation, we aspire to build a platform for everyone. We capture the value that is created from meaningful social experiences and deliver that value directly to members of the ecosystem. The current world has become very disconnected and superficial. With the strong influence of social media, people are feeling isolated and disconnected more than ever before.

We envision a world where technology is used to create stronger social bonds by fostering meaningful social communications and establishing long-lasting relationships through interactive games. By blending digital and physical games, there’s an opportunity for an entirely new kind of human-computer interaction that enhances our relationships with the people in our lives. That’s where our partner, the PlayTable, comes in to play and make our vision come true.

PlayTable is the pioneer for merging the two worlds, physical toys, and digital play by breathing new life into board games, video games, and educational programs. Together, we are providing a platform for social games that give families and friends an easy way to connect.

8Hours Foundation successfully raised its New Token Issuance

8Hours Foundation had recently completed the New Token Issuance, raising over three million dollars ($3,000,000) in funding. Our private sale investors include the VeChain Foundation, Fenbushi Capital, CREAM, Blockcrafters, and other high net-worth individuals who are the key influencers in the gaming and technology industries. After the private sale and the fun-filled 32-hour Community and Public NTI event, we are proud to announce that 8Hrs Foundation has completed this round of token issuance.

Eight Hours Tokens (EHrTs) will drive the 8Hours ecosystem

During the NTI process, EHrTs (Eight Hours Tokens) were issued to both private and community token holders. EHrTs will become a powerful tool within the 8Hours ecosystem. EHrT can be used as a payment to buy digital games, physical toys, and services within our ecosystem. EHrT can be used as a utility token that can be spent, staked, and burned in exchange for minting Authentic Asset Certificates (AACs), creating in-game currencies (IGCs), as well as establishing Colored Tokens by their creators.

AACs are Non-Fungible Tokens that can give your toys digital identities so that they can have their own digital stats, level, and moves. IGCs are more flexible than traditional currencies because they are backed by Blockchain technology, which makes them reliably tracked and securely operated in different game settings. Lastly, colored tokens can only be created and spent by their creators; these tokens are used to measure in-game achievements, wealth, authenticity, progress, and history.

Linking the physical and digital world allows for endless possibilities for collectibles and their compounding interaction with games. You will be able to understand these concepts further as our platform matures.

Moving forward and outlook for the near future

To stay transparent with our community, we plan to update our development progress and how the raised funds are being applied. As expected, we will continue to use the resources to build out the platform that can seamlessly integrate with the PlayTable gaming console. Thanks to the community’s support, the Foundation is now empowered to hire more senior engineers and product developers to push out the products at a faster rate.

At 8Hours Foundation, we envision a world where technology is used to create stronger social bonds by bringing people together through play. We believe that with just 8 hours a week of purposeful social bonding time, the overall health and happiness of the society will be improved drastically. And most of all, strong social bonds will decrease an individual’s stress level; hence, creating a stronger society, and a better world for you, me, and everyone.

With many exciting developments ahead of us, we cannot wait to share them with our community. You can now reserve your PlayTable at a special price: https://go.playtable.com/reserve.

About 8Hours Foundation

Founded by John Dempsey, an Eagle Scout whose DNA resides in meaningful social interaction, 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to providing the world with a groundbreaking gaming platform and innovative games that can interact with physical assets to help people fall in love with social bonding again. Together with the PlayTable, we seek to create technology that will help create everlasting memories and forge social bonds that will last a lifetime.

For more information about 8Hours Foundation, please join our Telegram, t.me/The8HoursFoundation, or visit our official website www.8hoursfoundation.org

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