Alpha Test Exceeds Expectations as 12 Countries and 100 Gamers prove the Gaimin Platform a huge success


 1,708 total views,  2 views today has completed the alpha test in July 2019. The test has exceeded expectations as 12 Countries and 100 Gamers prove the Gaimin Platform is ready totally feasible. 

Gaimin, touted as the Uber of computational power are to progress their beta testing following outstanding alpha testing results.  This demonstrated the robustness and scalability of their gaming blockchain mining solution.  The upcoming IEO will enable them to move forward with rapid development of the platforms, safe in the knowledge that systems are able to handle quick-firegrowth.

GPUs when not being used to provide absolutely essential harvested, or abstracted computational power.  As a worldwide shortage of computational power for research, science, graphics to name but a few sectors looms, Gaimin are confident that they have the solution and there is a road map to deployment, after successful and rigorous alpha testing. 100 testers across 12 countries with varied connections, and hardware configurations proved the capability of the software to manage the processes required.  

“Beta development and testing looks to further enhance the platforms speeds, user experience and the ability to scale to very large numbers.  The team is very excited and anxious to execute on their timelines and create a first class, first of its kind platform.” said Bukit Ben Nathan, CTO of Gaimin.

The creation of a gaming community, to reward gamers for their GPU power is a game changer, but the theory needs a great team to go with an innovative project if it is to be a success.

Gaimin’s proven team have experience of setting up successful businesses
The market demand exists and is proven.
The company is underpinned by a solid legal, regulatory and accountancy/banking framework to build forwards on.
Their logical, step by step approach means they have studied where startups tend to fail and taken measures to ensure they have maximum chance of success

Gaimin will continue to work hard will drive their gaming agenda to all of you very soon.

About Gaimin:
The Gaimin platform is an AI-driven software that harvests gamers’ processing power and hardware when they are not being used. This allows a gamer to direct their unused resources to the passive accumulation of crypto assets, without affecting their gaming performance and without the need for any specialized knowledge. Gaimin provides a simple, highly practical solution with a 1-click download and install platform. This next generation, AI driven software runs in the background of a gamer’s PC and, without affecting their gaming performance, allows for direct access to unused and underutilised processing power and hardware resources that can be directed to profitable activities.


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