apM Coin to Premiere on Bittrex Global on November 14th


apM Coin, a blockchain project from Dongdaemun wholesale giant apM Group, will launch its platform token on Bittrex Global on November 14th, 2019.

apM Coin is a blockchain project that focuses on optimizing customer reward and payment systems for the wholesale clothing market. The project is backed by apM Group’s knowledge and influence in the industry. apM Coin will be introducing its mobile app called “apM Members” later this year. Using the app, visitors of apM’s three major shopping malls, apM, apM Luxe, and apM Place, will be able to access a secure and convenient customer rewards platform powered by blockchain technology. The apM malls collectively welcome over 1.5 million customers annually.

Bittrex Global is an international cryptocurrency exchange based in Liechtenstein, Europeestablished by US-based blockchain platform Bittrex. Bittrex was established by three cybersecurity engineers in 2014 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Bittrex was nominated as one of the most transparent exchanges, praised for reporting accurate trading volume by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) in September 2019.

Bittrex is known for its strict listing process. According to an interview with Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara, Bittrex looks for the most innovative blockchain projects by carefully examining their underlying technology and business model. The principles of the project’s founders, as well as its compliance status, are also important factors for listing.

Due to its reputation and performance, Bittrex was selected as one of the world’s top five cryptocurrency exchanges based on CoinGecko’s “Trust Score 2.0”. CoinGecko is a well-known platform that provides unbiased data on cryptocurrency markets, comparing reliability and trading volume metrics of cryptocurrency exchanges.

“We are pleased to premiere the apM Coin project on Bittrex Global, one of the safest and most trusted exchanges in the world,” said the apM Coin team. “Nearly 80% of apM shopping mall visitors come from abroad. The listing of apM Coin on Bittrex Global will provide a strong foundation for global users of our service to easily and safely access apM Coin. With our key partner company apM located in South Korea, we will provide further listing news on a trustworthy Korean exchange in the near future.”

apM Coin is currently holding an “apM Members and Bittrex Global Registration” promotion at the plaza in front of apM Place in Dongdaemun. The event will run until 5:00 a.m. KST on November 16th, 2019.

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apM Coin to Premiere on Bittrex Global on November 14th