Bankex’ MainWallet Shortlisted in Japan’s FIN/SUM 19 Competition


Bankex Group’s MainWallet, currently in late stage alpha release with the official release date set for later this year, has been shortlisted by FIN/SUM 2019, the ultimate Japanese startup competition.

A category creator with the first messenger-based neobank, Bankex Group ( has been enjoying explosive growth of its MainWallet user base, averaging 1,000 signups per day during its limited launch as part of product’s alpha testing.

MainWallet has many important characteristics, establishing payments and cash-outs with messenger screen names and logins doubling as bank names and logins – with the digital assets being safely kept by Bankex Group via its custody solution. One function – being able to transfer digital asset from one user to another even if they have different messengers – especially endeared Japanese judges.

MainWallet is the first service from Bankex Group’s neobank. As money is going digital, banks have to follow. And with blockchain being the ultimate disruptor of the financial services industry, Bankex Group is starting to realize its grand vision of replacing brick and mortar banks with blockchain-based neobank, with MainWallet being the first of many more neobank services to follow.

“MainWallet allows companies and brands to extend their e-commerce activities into messengers instantly by using Bankex’ neobank, enabling the kind of leap that some walkie-talkie users in developing countries experienced when transitioning to smartphones,” said Igor Khmel, Bankex Group founder and CEO. “We are thrilled that MainWallet jazzed Tokyo — the most jaded, when it comes to digital money, digital assets and blockchain-based fintech instruments, investment audience in the world.”

At FIN/SUM 19, MainWallet was presented by Jayden Yuen (Bankex Hong Kong) and Seki Kazunori (Bankex Tokyo). FIN/SUM is a fintech summit and conference that connects the global finance and tech industries while promoting disruptive innovation across the globe.

For more details on MainWallet, and for an advanced copy of Bankex White Paper explaining MainWallet and neobank concepts, please join our Telegram group at or e-mail us at To start using MainWallet go to  To join the MainWallet alpha testers community

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About Bankex Group

Bankex Group is a New York-based company with an aggressive Asian strategy managed out of Hong Kong Asian headquarters.

Bankex Group is a fintech company providing digital assets processing, as well as blockchain-based continuous securitization in real estate, money lending and media markets. Our mission is to connect regular people and small/medium business owners to capital markets.

Bankex Group brings Banking-as-a-Service product modules and blockchain together. Infrastructure services and technologies include MainWallet, STO tokenization frameworks, Custody and Apps store.

Bankex Group is developing “neobank” called Bankex MainWallet – a messenger-first financial application that is packaged as Telegram wallet-bot with connected App Store. Bankex MainWallet enables personal and merchant transactions within messengers (Telegram and others).

Bankex Group legally operates within Class 3 and Class 4 licenses for Virtual Financial Assets on Malta, EU.

Company was founded in 2016 by Igor Khmel, former head of innovation at a top10 European bank, and also ex-McKinsey, ex-Citadel hedge fund, Stanford GSB alumni.


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