Batam Medical Blockchain excites VIP audience attending GBA Singapore at Deloitte


dClinic shared the progress they have made towards a Batam Medical Blockchain (BMB) to a VIP audience at the Global Blockchain Association event in Singapore held at the offices of Deloitte. There has been excellent progress since the signing of the largest Healthcare Blockchain project (USD $140M) in July 2019 and dClinic invited the corporate and government guests from Singapore and Indonesia to come to Batam to view the advancements themselves. dClinic also invited other Blockchain organisations to see how they can integrate into the BMB Eco-System to help provide greater value to the communities of Indonesia and Singapore, and eventually to the greater ASEAN region.

Dr Richard Satur, the CEO of dClinic, outlined the model of engagement dClinic and BP Batam have in mind to engage healthcare organisations, consumers and care team professionals to utilise this BMB. “This BMB will potentially greatly help the Batam and Indonesian governments make considerable savings on their expanding healthcare budgets. In addition, the BMB will help communities and consumers obtain positive healthcare outcomes through engagement based on trusted, reliable and readily available healthcare data through the BMB,” said Dr Satur.

After further explaining the workstreams currently underway for the BMB Program, Mr Stephen Moo, dClinic Indonesia MD, encouraged organisations and healthcare App providers to integrate into the BMB through available APIs. “A vibrant and expansive Eco-System of healthcare Apps and services integrated into the BMB will only lead to more evidence based driven healthcare and wellness services for the ASEAN region,” declared Mr Moo.

Mr Andrew Koh, the President of GBA Singapore, hosted a fireside chat that featured, Dr Sigit Riyarto, Director of RSBP Hospital, Batam. Dr Riyarto was eager to invite other Blockchain organisations to Batam and to integrate into the BMB. The advances being made by RSBP Hospital, Batam, are definitely advancing the Use Cases for Blockchain in Healthcare, and Batam is pioneering these Use Cases for Batam, Indonesia and ASEAN for areas like Medical Tourism and other Specialised Services such as IVF.

Attending the event from Batam and Indonesiawere, Bp. Ir. Syahril Japarin (Deputy Chairman For Enterprise Management), Dr Sigit Riyarto(Director of RSBP) and Bp. Dendi Gustinandar ( BP Batam Director of Promotion & Public Relation). The audience recognised the strong partnership between dClinic and Batam and acknowledged the foresight and innovation being encouraged by BP Batam.

The event was widely viewed as a major success for Healthcare Blockchain innovation. “The BMB Program offers other governments a way forward in Healthcare Blockchain innovation,” proclaimed Bp. Ir. Shahril Japarin, BP Batam Deputy Chairman. “We encourage others to innovate with us and dClinic.”

Deloitte Southeast Asia is providing Governance and PMO for the BMB Program. dClinic is building the BMB based on its own Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) platform. RSBP Hospital is partnering dClinic to initially provide the delivery mechanisms for consumers, healthcare organisations, clinical and care team professionals to interact via the BMB. PPDSI is partnering with Deloitte Southeast Asia and dClinic to help create the Batam Blockchain Infrastructure. BP Batam is the main sponsor for this project.

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dClinic is the first healthcare company to operate clinics on a dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB). The combination of using our facilities and providing our revolutionary Private Healthcare Blockchain for the delivery of vitality and wellness services in partnership with local expert providers, is the key to successfully transforming the delivery of care for consumers world-wide. dClinic – My journey to VITALITY!

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