BeFull App Attracted More Than Thousands of Trial Users

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(Singapore/ News) BeFull Community launched their app with great success. More than a thousand users downloaded their app during this pilot trial.

“Our intention is to have 200 trial users to test out our beta version, when I was told that we hit more than a 1000 during the first hour of the launch, I immediately asked my team team to stop and limit it to a thousand so that our supporters can enjoy the app first hand.” Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull explained.

The BeFull App is primarily a digital wallet that allow users to store tokens earned in the community campaigns and also coins that they bought from the secondary markets.

KYC processes are also in place to make sure users are properly accounted for. Users will need to upload their identity card for this process, the approval will take around 2-3 working days.

There will also be a news and press release section to share the latest blockchain and technological updates.

The most important part of this app is the task oriented section. You can find daily activities, games, knowledge challenges and more. Those who complete the tasks are able to get free tokens. Such tasks are fun and often create stickiness among fellow users.

The App can be found at There is a sneak preview on the website right now but users are not able to download the app until further notice due to the overwhelming response.

The BeFull app is part of BeFull global transition. The BeFull Community was formerly known as Fupin Community, the change in brand name happened earlier this year to accommodate to international audiences.

The successful launch of the Befull App is not pure coincidence. The community is well known for their management methodologies. with over 20,000 to 30,000 active members participating in their activities each day.

“We are already speaking to projects in USA and South Korea who are interested to participate in our task campaign. We want more projects to benefit from our methodology.” said Vincent.

The full app will be launched soon. For more information of the community please visit or download the app directly at

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