BeFull Community and Firefly Media signed a strategic cooperation partnership to promote the film and television industry

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WeChat Image 20190423232252


BeFull community and Firefly Media have signed a strategic cooperation partnership agreement on using blockchain resources to promote the film and television industry. A”National Movie Plan” will also be introduced to get more participation from the blockchain communities. This is an important cooperation for BeFull community, using blockchain technology to promote the development of traditional businesses.

Tianjin Firefly Media Co., Ltd. is a full-fledged film and television company that produce programs on new media channels. They have comprehensive range of services from publicity and distribution, film investment, and artist training. The partnership with Firefly is an important milestone in the for the BeFull community, it shows that traditional companies are finding ways to collaborate with blockchain companies and that BeFull’s decentralized consensus philosophy is recognized and understood by the traditional business.

“Innovation is the key in the market. In recent years, the growth of online film and television stimulated traditional cinemas and major film and television companies to move into this new media. Online film production has been a major trend in the industry and it is creating a big change” said Ren Hongshuai, the CEO of Firefly. “The online films can quickly capture a large number of users and seized the market, thanks to its low cost, high reach and strong interactions with users. BeFull community is based on the EOS, which also has these advantages, can further build on the trend of the new media. Whenever we share a good film or television project with the community, members who are interested with the project will gather and spread the project spontaneously, which means we will be able to get maximum mileage with the lowest cost. They can even participate by being part of our National Movie Plan.”

Vincent Cheung, the founder of the BeFull community said: “The blockchain community and BeFull consensus model is believed to change how the traditional business models work. It can give you good outcome and ‘surprises’ that you have never dream of. Companies who believe and adopt new changes will be the early movers and this is a big advantage for them. Companies who believe in BeFull will be empowered by blockchain technology and supported by our huge community base.”

In accordance with the cooperation agreement, apart from community building and promotion, the two parties will launch a “National Movie Plan” together this year. This is a crowd funding like plan that uses BeFull community’s FPC token to invest in the projects of Firefly, participate in the production of film and television dramas. This signifies true value creation of blockchain and better usage of token in real business scenarios.


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