BeFull Community thanks the South Korea Blockchain Community for their successful IEO: Next Stop

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7 April 2019/ South Korea, Seoul/ BeFull Community thanks the South Korea Blockchain Community for their support at the second meet up. This event is jointly supported and organized by Node Capital, BiKi Exchange and EOSDAQ.

Regional guests were also invited to the event and shared their perspectives on several pressing blockchain topics from IEO to upcoming blockchain industrial developments.

There are many new blockchain developments on a daily basis. Cryptocurrency exchanges like OK are also building a sustainable ecosystem. Shirley Yu, OKNodes Korea Business Manager mentioned in her speech “OK as one of the leader of this market, we are thinking about how to improve the OK ecosystem and promote a healthy development of the entire industry. Last year we launched OKNodes, which is dedicated to forming an alliance of exchanges with OK’s technology. Since then we have built and supported many exchanges.”

Peter Kim, Co-founder of EOSDAQ added that a meaningful bullish market comes only after the continuous efforts to establish clear regulations and also the surge of useful DApps. Until the time comes, exchanges will need to continue supporting the solid projects through listings, IEOs, and other means based on the market’s demand.

The audiences felt that the market is getting better and IEO is a start of a brighter market. Dean Kim, BD Director of Coinin agreed that this is a great start and stated that in an IEO, the exchange takes part of the responsibility in verifying projects and hence reduced a possible bubble effect on the blockchain market.

Projects are spending a lot of time in Korea and building up the Asia market with Korea as one of the most important country. Kay Ro from Krypto Junction: “It is essential to have a strategic marketing partner before coming to the Korean crypto industry; a marketing partner who has deep knowledge of the culture and know consumer behavior of the Korean target audience is essential.”

Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull Community strongly emphasized that in all businesses there must be demand and supply. Same goes for Blockchain. “Communities like BeFull supports projects, bring them to the right target audiences to grow their projects to real a real business.”

At the point of the event, BeFull has completed their second phase of their IEO with EOSDAQ in South Korea and with great success. All the quota allocated to the community were snapped up within minutes.  Vincent on many occasions thank his own community and the new Korean supporters who rushed in to grab their IEO tokens.

The three phases of IEO at EOSDAQ in South Korea  has completed on 7th April 2019. It has drawn more than 6,000 users and more than 3,000,000 of FPC tokens were sold to the public.

BeFull will be heading to the Southeast Asia market, Singapore to launch another IEO with Biki Exchange ( on 15 April 2019 to cater to the strong demand from the communities. BIKI was founded in June 2018 and registered in Singapore. BIKI is a global trading platform in digital cash and is committed to providing the safest, most stable and most efficient trading services in digital cash to users around the world. The exchange has already received millions of US dollars in investment from several investment funds such as SEE Fund and CHAIN UP Capital. Its core team is from well-known Internet companies and first-line investment institutions. The team members are early investors and block chain researchers in digital cash and have rich research and development and operation experience in digital cash. More information of the upcoming IEO, visit