[Shanghai Roadshow] BeFull Extends Their Blockchain Influenze To Traditional Industries

befull shanghai 1
befull shanghai 1


BeFull Community is committed to help the Shanghai Blockchain and Finance Communities with their unique way of management to create stickiness and cooperation.

Blockchain has many successful use-cases for the finance sector from JP Morgan, HSBC to ANZ bank. That is the reason why many blockchain companies flourish very well in the heart of Shanghai. Shanghai (上海; Zånhae in Shanghainese, Shànghǎi in Mandarin) is the largest and most developed city in China, the country’s main center for finance and one of the world’s most populous and important cities.

BeFull’s community voted Shanghai as one of the key places for their roadshow. During the visit in Shanghai, BeFull had the chance to meet their members, of which many of them are in the finance sector. Their members hope to see more activities in Shanghai and also mooted the idea of setting up BeFull offline cafe or meet up points for members to gather and interact.

Vincent Cheung, Founder and spokesperson for the BeFull Community said “My supporters read my mind. We want to expand and extend our online success to the offline markets, working closely with the retailers for example to bring in the best deals for our my members and vice versa. Tokenised models can also be introduced to the traditional industries to help reach out to more customers. This is the future!”

The BeFull executive team set up meetings with industry leaders from the finance, banking, media, fashion and supply chain. There were a close door roundtable session with one of the country’s leading bank to share how BeFull methodologies can help the bank transit and understand the blockchain industry.

“I am surrounded with more than a 6000 BeFull members online and offline today. BeFull is a blockchain phenomenon! They brought in new hopes to the blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies market.” Chris, CEO of EVO Capital shared with Blockcast.cc reporter.

BeFull will continue to spread their blockchain management philosophies with more members in the region. Their next stop will be Beijing, where they will meet up with their own members and other smaller EOS groups who want to join the BeFull family.

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BeFull Community, the first self governed large scale community in China. The community shares resources, educate members, create trust between members and projects and promote real usage of the tokens.