Belfrics Group launches first batch of Dapps on Belrium Blockchain


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 26, 2019/PRNewswire/ — Belfrics Group recently launched its new range of decentralised applications (Dapps) for utilization by small businesses to large enterprises. Belfrics Group is an international Blockchain conglomerate based in Malaysia with presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and India. Belfrics Group deals with everything blockchain, such as blockchain development, blockchain-based-product development for markets, blockchain-solution development for enterprises, blockchain consulting for businesses and governments, blockchain training and capacity building for training institutes, universities, corporates and governments.

Belfrics, through this launch, has introduced three new products: CrediBel (certificate and credential issuance dapp), B-Roll (Payslip issuance dapp) and a Land Title registry Dapp.

These blockchain-as-a-service products will enable small businesses, large corporates, and governments to leverage the power and potential of blockchain technology, while simply subscribing to these dapps based on their usage. With CrediBel, a small training institute or a college/university can simply sign up, configure, and start issuing their graduation certificates on the blockchain to their students. Similarly, B-Roll can also be utilized by small companies comprising of 10-member teams to issue their payslips on the blockchain. Government bodies of nations or states can integrate the land title registry dapp to manage the land registries under their purview.

“If students can avail a digitally signed and secure graduation certificate that they can carry for life, and have the same verified and authenticated directly by the university, for just under $10, it tackles all the problems we face today with fake documents, high BGC cost, longer verification time, and credibility when it comes to academic or professional credentials,” says Praveenkumar Vijayakumar, Founder and CEO for Belfrics Group.

Belfrics has also stated that a rigorous pilot operation is in progress with a prestigious technology institute from India for CrediBel.

These Dapps are a huge enabler in today’s scenario. The financials, resources, and time required to build anything on the blockchain technology seem very unrealistic and don’t seem feasible for many businesses that may need these services. By offering these products in a SAAS model, Belfrics has bridged a huge gap in the market.

Universities from the African, Indian, and South-East Asian regions are increasingly engaging in discussions with Belfrics to have these products integrated with their existing systems and processes.

More information on these dapps is available at or via email at

SOURCE Belfrics Group

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