Bitberry Presents BitberryDex and Yield Farming Model Season 2 Beta

Bitberry Presents BitberryDex and Yield Farming Model Season 2 Beta

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Bitberry Finance has launched their decentralized exchange ‘BitberryDex’ on 28th February 2021. BitberryDex aims to be the world’s first structure of referral DeFi model.

“With just one click of the button, anyone can use BitberryDex on for 24 hours at anytime, anywhere and convert to various tokens including Ethereum, BBR, USDC, AAVE, COMP, DAI, MTL, UNI, USDT, etc.” CEO of Bitberry, Ryu told reporter. Ryu added that: “Currently, participants of liquidity providers is rapidly increasing, and checking price slippage before swap is highly recommended.”

On top of the Dex, Bitberry Finance has opened up Yield Farming Model Season 2 Beta (‘BBS’) on Users can deposit Bitberry LP tokens and earn BBS with expected interest rate calculated at 4 million BBS.

Currently, there are 12 pools supported, and you can receive BBS as rewards by staking BLP tokens in the following pairs.


Following the launch on the 28th, information on the white paper for BitberryDex and Farms will be updated.

Bitberry Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization as known as DAO that plans to solve above disadvantage by creating safe, easy, and profitable DeFi platform with merging pros of CeFi platform. Bitberry finance will be governed and operated with the help of Bitberry community through decentralize governance.

The team supporting Bitberry Finance aims to continue the effort in delivering quality DeFi products to the community.


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