Bitfinex Announces Strategic Collaboration with ODEM to Expand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education


ODEM SA and Bitfinex, a state-of-the-art digital asset platform, are excited to announce a strategic cooperation introducing a new model of education on the role of digital tokens in the blockchain-enabled economy. The idea is to provide an innovative token transaction simulation model, designed and operated by ODEM, using Bitfinex as its premier liquidity platform.

Together, they will launch a series of programs and courses aiming at increasing the level of education of both novice and advanced Bitfinex users who are interested in obtaining more knowledge about the technical features of digital tokens. In conjunction with these educational programs, ODEM will launch a full simulation of its education marketplace. Bitfinex will provide the liquidity for ODEM transactions, reflected through ODEM’s smart contracts. This way, Bitfinex users purchasing educational programs on the ODEM Marketplace using the same credentials as on Bitfinex will be able to view their ODEM Token transactions on Bitfinex’s order book.

“We’re excited to be the first to market with completely mirrored fiat-to-crypto trades in our education and employment marketplace,” said Richard Maaghul, CEO at ODEM. “Mirroring blockchain transactions allows users to view their payment activity reflected through our smart contracts in real-time and viewable through Transactions conducted by ODEM’s Token simulation are fueled by liquidity provided by Bitfinex. With their support of the overall decentralized ecosystem and focus on community-driven social impact, Bitfinex was a clear driver for us.”

Bitfinex users will be able to obtain access to all educational programs on the ODEM Marketplace directly from the platform’s website. With several million users, Bitfinex can leverage these programs to obtain a holistic view of cryptocurrency markets and trends, while also further enhancing users’ understanding of how the platform operates.

“Our collaboration with ODEM is a natural extension of our role as the premier trading platform worldwide,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex. “By educating more individuals on the uses and value of cryptocurrency and the vital role it plays in powering the blockchain economy, we are encouraging greater understanding and adoption of digital currencies. We’re confident that through continued, dynamic and relevant education provided by expert educators on ODEM’s platform, Bitfinex users will receive an advanced service offering.”

In the coming months, as more companies are opening up to cryptocurrency payments, ODEM will expand the ODEM Token payment gateway across the marketplace. ODEM Token payments will be available per-country, based on each country’s regulatory environment. ODEM’s fiat payment system and token simulation represent an onramp for use of the blockchain-based marketplace, expanding its value to all countries. During the simulation process, tokens will be mirrored on Bitfinex to reflect the fiat activity. New and existing ODEM users who open a Bitfinex account will be able to use the Bitfinex platform to create an Ethereum wallet address to secure their academic credentials and skill badges on the blockchain.

Bitfinex expects its cooperation with ODEM to be a natural extension of its continued support and commitment to creating a vital and thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem where all users are empowered to navigate the market in a safe and effective way.

About ODEM
ODEM is an on-demand education and employment marketplace that directly connects employers, students and educators to make learning, working and growing professionally more affordable, accessible and efficient. Founded in 2017 by seasoned educational technology veteran, Richard Maaghul, ODEM was built out of his clear vision for how the blockchain could be used to transform today’s inefficient education and employment industries. The first of its kind, the ODEM Marketplace has already attracted over 30,000 users representing 166 countries and top organizations with a wide variety of employers from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500s. Learn more at

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