[Beijing Roadshow] Blockchain Technologies Need Stronger Communities: BeFull is the answer

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BeFull, the answer for Blockchain ecosystems, draws community members, blockchain leaders, and investment companies to their Beijing roadshow to explore upcoming collaborations and future developments.

The series of events held in China has created a buzz within the Blockchain Communities. There are members who came all the way to Beijing to meet Vincent Cheung, Founder of Befull Community in person and listen to his presentation.

(Image Credits: BeFull Community. Pictures taken at the Beijing roadshow.)

“Today, I am glad to see some old friends in the crowd. I am also happy to see fellow blockchain practitioners coming by to my roadshow to speak to me on how my community can help their project. This is a confidence booster for me and my team.” Vincent explained.

They are not attracted to the event because of Vincent’s unique Chinese ascent; they are simply enticed by the BeFull business model, backed by blockchain technology and a strong community. One of the members, who wants to be known as Ms Zheng from Jilin travelled to the event to get a spot at the upcoming BeFull hub franchise. She wants to set up offline BeFull Cafe and BeFull retail stores. She believes that people who are like minded will like BeFull’s economic model.

Apart from the BeFull members, key investment and blockchain leaders such as GOT.PE, Collinstar Capital, HuBox and One.TOP were also present at the event to find out how they can collaborate with BeFull and also how to invest into BeFull EOS-based token that is going to be launched soon.

(Image credits: BeFull Community. Gary Mei, Founder of GOT VC speaking to Vincent on upcoming strategies.)

“BeFull represents the true meaning behind a blockchain community. I believe in BeFull and my company hopes to work with them strategically for long term. Maybe invest in them too,” Gary Mei (梅佳子), Founder of GOT VC.

Blockchain projects needs a strong community to support it. Only with the strong communities, blockchain technology can then do by it can do best and “Change the world” bit by bit.

BeFull understands what the blockchain world needs and is inspired by EOS whose focus is on the people and the community so it makes a lot of sense that they are doing much better than some of their peers. BeFull did well, they won the most valuable community award at The Global Blockchain Leadership Summit (GBLS) in January 2019. The GBLS Most Valuable Community Award has more than 100 participating communities and of which, many are very well-known communities with wider reach and bigger fans base. The organiser took more than two months using public voting and together with professional judges’ ratings to rate the communities. The award is then given to the Befull Community obtaining the highest number of votes.

(Image Credita: GBLS. Vincent Cheung receiving the most valuable community award)

BeFull has benefited their members through their rewards systems. Due to the high usage and by popular demand from the community, they will launch their own token in April 2019. This shows BeFull Community’s commitment to their members, taking their requests to build a more sustainable community seriously.

Their next stop will be at Seoul, South Korea. There will be more important announcements to be made for the Korea market. For more details, follow BeFull Community at www.befullc.com.

About BeFull Community (http://www.befullc.com/)

BeFull Community, the first self governed large scale community in China. The community shares resources, educate members, create trust between members and projects and promote real usage of the tokens.